My Muse Artist Original Paintings for Sale
My Muse Artist Original Paintings for Sale

My Muse


My Muse – 120 x 120cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic and Oil Stick on Stretched Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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My Muse

On the hunt for artist original paintings for sale? Purchasing a piece of original artwork should give you the same feeling as putting on a brand new pair of Chanel pumps. They’re both investments, they’re both forms of self-expression, and they both should bring you joy and pride.

The clothes you wear can say so much about your personality and your lifestyle. Fashion gives us creative license to express ourselves to the world without saying a word. The same can be said for artwork in your home. The artwork you choose for a room gives insight to who you are visually, what your tastes are, and even what you hold close.

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Coco Chanel

This gorgeous painting is a 120 x 120 cm square it is a one off artist original painting for sale, a striking acrylic and oil stick abstract on cotton canvas. Cheery pastel pinks, purples, pale blue, and jade green jet across strokes of peach and yellow ochre, making them pop like neon.

True to her signature style, artist Nicole Baker’s composition and colours are vibrant and playful. ‘My Muse’ stands out best against shades of pink, grey, and white. It is a powerful piece that can stand alone but is complemented with soft furnishings like neutral cushions and throws.

For a more dramatic look, pair it with deep navy or olive green. Accessories and furnishings in textures like velvet and silk give this piece a romantic vibe. This special and exquisite painting can bring sophisticated style to a master bedroom but is bright and lively enough for a kid’s or teen’s bedroom.

Be unique – Artist Original Paintings for Sale

Self-expression through fashion greatly influenced Nicole when she composed this painting; “To me, this painting is a supermodel on the catwalk. It confidently demands to be looked at when you enter the room,” Artist Nicole Baker.

As with choosing any original artwork for your home, it must speak to you. It has to be loved. Artwork, be it a painting, sculpture, or Chanel suit, is not only a financial investment but an emotional one as well. It’s a timeless heirloom that can be enjoyed for generation after generation.

“When I start a fresh painting, I have my own Zen zone going on. I’m always in a positive mindset and, when I put brush to canvas, it is very freeing.

I let intense overlapping colours, drawn marks, and bold strokes on the canvas simply flow. I often revisit the artwork I create weeks, months, or sometimes even years later and re-work them.

When I look at my finished works of art, even months later, they continue to give off the same vibe as when I was painting them. I love what I do. I love unique fashion and art and for me, the two coincide naturally in my life. Creating a show-stopping painting is just as important as the latest fashion accessories,” Nicole Baker

My Muse 120 x 120cm – Artist Original Paintings for Sale – Abstract Acrylic and Oil Stick on Stretched Cotton Canvas by Nicole Baker

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Dimensions 120 × 4 × 120 cm


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