Original Artwork - Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile
Original Artwork - Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile

Fashion Did Not Steal my Smile


Fashion Did Not Steal my Smile – 120 x 120cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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Original Artwork by Artist Nicole Baker – Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile

Purchasing a piece of original artwork should give you the same feeling as putting on a brand-new pair of Channel pumps.

What you wear and how you present yourself to the world showcases the person that makes you – YOU. It is the same to be said about a piece of original artwork. The artwork you choose for a room gives an insight to who you are visually. Do you have a bold, fun personality that can be portrayed with strong painterly solid marks on a painting? Do subtle soft pastels sing to your nature? Or are you a fashionista, someone who sets the tone of their own swagger? If the last is you then ‘Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile’ speaks your language.

This gorgeous 120 x 120cm original acrylic and oil abstract on cotton canvas features both strong and well placed sketched painterly marks. Pinks, purples, pale blues and greens are neutralised with yellow ochre and Prussian blue hints of colour.

“When I start a fresh painting, I have my own Zen zone going on. I start out with a vague colour palette and canvas size and work from there. I am always in a positive mindset and when I put brush to canvas it is very freeing.

The majority of time intense overlapping of colours, drawn marks and painterly strokes on the one canvas just flow.

I often revisit the artworks that I create weeks, months and sometimes years later and re-work them.

When I look at my finished works of art, even months later they continue to give off the same vibe as when I was painting them. I love what I do. I love unique fashion and art, for me the two coincide naturally in my life. Creating a show stopping painting is just as important as the latest season of fashion accessories.” Nicole Baker

‘Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile’ can work into a subtle room of blues, greys and white. It can also work itself into a more dramatic room of navy blue. It is a powerful piece that can stand alone or be complimented with soft furnishings such as blue velvet cushions, olive green throws or white bedding. This is a piece that can hang romantically in a bedroom or quietly in a reading area. It speaks elegance and timeless style. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Coco Chanel

True to her signature style artist Nicole Comelli has a playfulness of composition and colour in this piece. For her “Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile” is a soft and alluring piece. It can hang in an adult bedroom or it can hang in a child or teenage room. Each onlooker be them young or old can light heartedly find a joyousness in this painting. It is calming even though the colours are brightly layered. “To me this painting is the super model of the catwalk. It confidently demands to be looked at when you enter the room.” Nicole Baker

As with choosing any original artwork for your home. It must talk to you. It has to be loved. If you have purchased a piece of artwork and these two boxes are ticked you will continue to love it even in years to come. It will become a sound investment emotionally and financially. “The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Coco Chanel

Fashion Did Not Steal my Smile – 120 x 120cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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