Love Story

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Love Story – 130 x 160cm – Framed in Black – Original Charcoal Abstract on Italian Cotton Paper by Baker Collection

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The Baker Collection
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Rudie Nudie Collection – Love Story

Artist’s Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker are at it again with their unique and sassy collaborations in the Baker Collection.

Baker Collection History – Founders Nicole Baker & Jessica Skye

The Baker sisters, Nicole and Jessica, have been painting together for decades. Between them they have sold hundreds of works.

Encouraged and heavily inspired by their father, artist Steven Baker, they have recently decided to embark on some collaborative hand drawn pieces known as the ‘Rudie Nudie’ collection.

The collection showcases their love for the mark making process. True to their individual styles, each drawn mark is confident and spontaneous. Each piece of the ‘Rudie Nudie’ collection is a completely original drawing of the nude figure. Both artists embark on the drawings together and combine their love for bold abstract styles and the earthy elements of charcoal and graphite.

The heads of the nudes are a symphony of drawn strokes and are completely drawn in the moment. The energy that they are feeling at the time they are sketching instantly transforms visually onto the paper. Every captivating sketch for the ‘Rudie Nudie’ collection is completely unique. There are no reproductions. To artists Nicole and Jessica Baker sketching is more than capturing a realistic portrayal of the human form. It’s a series of moments where they ask the observer to tell their own story of what they see.

The ‘Rudie Nudie’ collaborative pieces are signed with their BAKER signature. These abstract interpretations of the nude figure are in honour of their father who now suffers from macular degeneration and finds it difficult to bring two lines together in his own drawings. What makes this collection particularly special is the three artists minds that work together to create one truly unique piece for the collector.

If you love the earthy elements of graphite and grittiness of charcoal the ‘Rudi Nudie’ collection is to die for. Each one of these life drawings are drawn on 600gsm cotton Italian made paper.

Love Story

‘Love Story’ is 130x160cm in size. It is framed with a black box shadow frame with glass. This classic sketch can hang beautifully in a bedroom above a modern bedhead or can be centre stage in a walk-in robe.

‘Rudie Nudie’ pieces can be commissioned to size if you have a particular area you would like it to showcase in. They have been commissioned to be drawn for bathrooms and professional beauty clinics.

Hanging artwork is a great way to add personality to a space. Each ‘Rudie Nudie’ piece is elegant in its flowing earthy hand drawn strokes.

The artwork series has been designed to bring harmony and a soft presence to the room it is hung in. ‘Love Story’ is a warm, mysterious, endlessly appealing piece to look at. Its full of confidence and richness.

Love Story – 130 x 160cm – Framed in Black – Original Charcoal Abstract on Italian Cotton Paper by Baker Collection

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