Original Artwork for Sale Gucci Garden
Original Artwork for Sale 'Gucci Garden'
Original Artwork for Sale Gucci GardenOriginal Artwork for Sale 'Gucci Garden'

Gucci Garden


Original Artwork Gucci Garden – 198 x 122cm – Abstract Acrylic and Oil on Stretched Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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Original artwork for sale; Art is an Investment by Artist Nicole Baker at the Baker Collection

Gucci Garden says it all. This stylised acrylic and oil original artwork on stretched cotton canvas is very typical of artist Nicole Baker’s trade mark style; Complex yet simple.

“Collectors should ‘invest with their eyes’ and collect art that visually appeals to them.”nicole BAKER

Gucci Garden is an original artwork made up of a colour palette that speaks elegance and influence. In this original artwork pale mauve is paired with olive green, navy blue and black. Painterly strokes of peach are layered with pink and neutralised by grey. Colours have been blocked out in some areas of the canvas creating bold negative spaces, while harsh linear strokes have been placed carefully to entice your eyes and create interest around the painting as a whole. This dancing of shapes and colours tie the background and the foreground of the painting together effortlessly.

The busy composition and layering of this original artwork, Gucci Garden would easily work into a living room or bedroom space. It would instantly become the hero piece of any room it is displayed in.

How to Furnish my Original Artwork

The colours of Gucci Garden can be worked into a room with pure white walls just as much as a room with dark features. It can hang with ease in an understated interior designed room. Highlighted with some simple soft furnishings or collectables that throw off the colours. For a softer touch hang the painting in a room and work-in pastel peaches, pinks or mauve. Think cushions, throws and rugs. For a bolder look throw off this original artwork with a big gold leaf filigree frame. Imagine bold solid coloured vases and strong black timber furnishings.

Gucci Garden explores Nicole Baker’s signature style, her mark making is effortless yet fleeting. It’s very much in the moment and in the zone. Her original one-off pieces are highly sought after and are hung in homes all over Australia. She paints for the love of painting and strongly believes that her original artwork should speak to each collector. That it should transform a house into a home. That it should speak bravely and elegantly to each person that walks into the room it is hung.

Buying original artwork isn’t and shouldn’t be just about accruing valuable assets over time. ‘Yes, ART IS AN INVESTMENT and in my opinion one piece of good art is worthy of every cent you spend on it. BUT more importantly it is also a part of your journey in life. When you choose a piece of original artwork it should speak to the very core of your soul and soak up all of the creative energy you have going on that makes you who you are. It should resonate with you and visually share part of your personality to others who walk into the room it is hung.

Gucci Garden – 198 x 122cm – Original Artwork – Abstract Acrylic and Oil on Stretched Cotton Canvas by Artist Nicole Baker

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