Original Resin Artwork 'Escapade'
Original Resin Artwork 'Escapade'



Escapade 120x200cm – Original Resin on Cotton Canvas by artist Jessica Skye Baker

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Resin artist Jessica Skye Baker’s ‘Escapade’

Vivid electric blues are as captivating as the Mediterranean Sea in this large-scale original resin artwork, making it a show-stopper in any room. This is a statement abstract painting that will add luxury and intrigue to your art collection or gallery.

The mostly monochromic painting would complement contemporary, modern, and industrial spaces. In a commercial space with strong architectural lines, ‘Escapade’ size makes it powerful and commanding. However, ‘Escapade’ can become subdued and even calming in a home with soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and rugs. It can be paired with a banker’s desk, chesterfield couch, linen couch, or a marble reception area for extra drama.

Jessica’s large-scale abstract paintings are coated with high-gloss resin, creating the illusion of glass. First, she decides what colour combinations and other mediums she will use given the size of the canvas she’s chosen. Once ready to paint, she pours layer after layer of acrylic and ink on to her canvas. After the first layers of paint dry, the resin is applied. Thin stacks of acrylic paint sandwiched between resin create 3D dimension. She believes in feeling the energy of each piece, allowing her mediums to flow freely through them, and works with whatever movement or shape they organically present.

‘Escapade’ was created in the same way. The entrancing blue colour was layered in acrylic paint and then the resin was poured over the entire surface. Fine metallic pigments were sporadically thrown in, inks were drizzled on, and lines were delicately drawn in between transparent layers of poured resin. The intricacy of ‘Escapade’ can be seen when viewed up close. Every time a viewer looks at this painting, there is something new to look at.

Jessica thinks of her technique like Feng Shui; each painting needs to have a focal point, good composition, and dynamic colour. A single piece can take months to complete.

Owning Your Own Piece of Original Resin Artwork

Jessica Skye Baker’s resin paintings hang in homes, hotels, and interior design stores. She found her medium at a young age and has been painting for decades. She was one of the first resin artists in Australia and has sold hundreds of artworks worldwide. Her stunning pieces can be commissioned in any size, colour palette, or medium and are available online at The Block Shop, Baker Collection, and on Saatchi Art. She works out of a studio, open to the public, just outside of Melbourne.

Original Resin Artwork ‘Escapade’ 120x200cm – Original Resin Artwork on Cotton Canvas by artist Jessica Skye Baker

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Dimensions 120 × 4 × 200 cm


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