Original Resin Paintings; Bombshell by Australian artist Jessica Skye Baker
Original Resin Paintings; Bombshell by Australian artist Jessica Skye Baker
Original Resin Paintings; Bombshell by Australian artist Jessica Skye BakerOriginal Resin Paintings; Bombshell by Australian artist Jessica Skye Baker



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If you’ve got it, Bombshell. Original Resin Paintings by Jessica Skye Baker

Artist Jessica Skye Baker has a wonderfully passionate, energetic presence. She draws in all who meet her. Her personality also shines through in the mature and distinctive style of her original resin paintings. This young artist was one of the first resin artists in Australia. Her amazing pieces have now been collected and hung across the world.

‘Sassy’ is how Jessica’s sister and fellow artist Nicole, describes her work. It is the perfect word for Jessica’s bold and dramatic pieces, which are also often fun and energetic in their colour palette. Jessica has been painting for decades, and there is no doubt that she knows exactly how to precisely wield her medium.

It has taken years of painting to now confidently manipulate the pigments and coax organic magic from flowing colours trapped within translucent resin layers. Jessica understands where the paints, inks, pigments and resin will flow across her painting surface. She also knows exactly when to just let go and trust in the process.

What separates Jessica’s work from other resin artists, is the intricate details in her original resin paintings. The resin is not just poured over the canvas, brushstrokes and mark making is paramount to ensuring the originality of each piece. These are authentic, original resin paintings unlike any others.

Each piece starts with a strong vision and displays clear intention. Despite the control, there remains a dynamism and feel of spontaneity in her pieces. And, there is always some room for a serendipitous surprise. The energy of the process remains alive and palpable in the final paintings – they are fresh and energetic.

Jessica always works large scale. Bombshell takes this to an epic level – it is a massive 1 metre by 2 metres. This is an extraordinary work to be undertaken in resin. An artwork this large simply cannot be ignored.

Bombshell is a signature piece from the Baker Collection, and perfect for large commercial, retail or office spaces. Of course it will also make an impressive addition to a large lounge room, entry hall or bedroom if your residence has the space.

Everything on the canvas looks as if it is in motion. With the clean, light white base, it feels like we have just plunged into a beautiful crisp golden palette. The middle -ground is punctuated by sweeping splashes of black and silver. These sit below bursts of silver which seem to almost jump off the canvas.

The composition is dramatic and certainly answers to the command: ‘Bombshell’. The finish is a high-gloss, characteristic of Jessica’s style.

Hanging Bombshell in style

Gold is a colour of abundance, grandeur and prosperity – it is positive and calming on the spirit. It can evoke feelings of freedom, expansiveness and sincerity. It is a very classic colour for interiors and easy to complement with modern furnishings.

The textures of Bombshell can be picked up in marble flooring and tabletops, leather couches, rich and sumptuous fabrics like velvets or light, patterned linens. Clean lines or organic shapes will both work. Imagine Bombshell behind a long couch, at the head of a boardroom, or in an entry hall. Think of it above a modern dark timber dining table and chairs in an open living space. Add some neutral cushions or throws in crisp white or stylish black for some punch.

Invest in this grand original resin piece by Jessica Skye Baker, and you will be ensured years of viewing pleasure. Collectors consider her one of the most sought – after resin artists in Australia. The timeless quality of her work means it transcends shifts in interior design style.

Jessica can also complete original resin paintings on commission. You can discuss your size requirements and colour preferences, and she will create a customised original artwork for you. Works can be completed up to 6 metres in length.

Bombshell, 100x200cm, Jessica Skye Baker. Original resin painting on stretched canvas.


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