Australian Resin Artist Jessica Skye 'Lourdes'
'Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD
'Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD
'Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD
Australian Resin Artist Jessica Skye 'Lourdes''Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD'Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD'Lourdes' Jessica Skye SOLD


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Australian Resin Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Vivid pops of electric and Mediterranean blues are captivating in the large-scale resin ‘Lourdes.’ This is a painting that will be the show stopper in any room it is hung.

Australian resin artist Jessica Skye Baker’s ‘Lourdes’ is a statement abstract painting. This artwork would complement contemporary, modern and industrial spaces and would look just as stylish in a newly renovated home.

‘Lourdes’ will add a sense of luxury to a room with polished concrete floors, timber floors and carpeted areas. It can hang seamlessly on white walls or painted feature walls. This original resin painting can be paired with a banker’s desk, chesterfield couch, linen couch or a marble reception area.

In a commercial space with strong architecturally designed lines the size of ‘Lourdes’ would be powerful and, in a home, ‘Lourdes’ can be more subdued and softened with furnishings. Think cushions, throws and rugs.

Australian resin artist Jessica Skye Baker has been painting for decades. She found her medium at a young age and has perfected it. Jessica is considered one of the original Australian resin artists and has to date sold hundreds of artworks worldwide. Her resin paintings hang in homes, hotels and interior design stores. For years she has been working out of a permanent studio that is open to the public just outside of Melbourne, Australia.

When adding a piece of original resin art to your collection by renowned artist Jessica Skye Baker know with confidence your piece can never be replicated. It is solely unique. Her stunning pieces can be commissioned in size, colour palette and mediums and are available online at The Block Shop, Baker Collection and on Saatchi Art.

Her many years of experience with the abstract fluid medium of resin have let her completely embrace the art form. Each day she is able to live her passion as an artist. She has a spirited nature and paints with the same sense of will.

Firstly, she maps out her canvas size, the colour combinations she will use and the mediums. Sometimes her work will take months as they are made up of layers of acrylic paint, inks, pigment and resin.

‘Lourdes’ was created in such a way. The electric blue colour was layered in acrylic paint and then resin was poured over the entire surface. Pigments were thrown in, inks were added and more resin was poured. The intricacy of ‘Lourdes’ can be seen when viewed up close. Every time a viewer looks at this painting there is something new to be looked at. Pops of pigment, transparent layers and detailed lines.

Resin artist Jessica Skye Baker’s huge scale paintings are captivating in size, she is an artist that is known not to work small. She lets the mediums naturally flow off her painting surface and works with the motions they organically take. Her paintings are created with good energy and this continues to flow even when the piece is hung on a wall.

What makes resin artist Jessica Skye Baker’s work so unique is that it says nothing but says everything.

Her work is in the eye of the beholder. Is it beautiful? Does it powerfully say something to you, do you emotionally connect to it? You as a collector and a viewer get to decide. The beauty of her work doesn’t exist on its own it is created by you as the observer.


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