Australian Artist Jessica Baker 'Mr Gucci' at the Baker Collection
Australian Artist Jessica Baker 'Mr Gucci' at the Baker Collection

Mr Gucci


Mr Gucci 100x200cm – Original Resin on Cotton Canvas by artist Jessica Skye Baker

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Australian Artist Jessica Baker – Mr Gucci

Jessica Skye Baker is an Australian artist who has been painting for decades and is a true expert in multiple mediums. As one of the first resin artists in Australia, she is highly sought after and has sold hundreds of works of art both nationally and internationally. As you can probably surmise from her work, she is bold, passionate, and bursting with joyful energy.

Jessica’s work is always large scale; making it ideal for adding drama and intrigue to a high traffic area like an entryway, boardroom, hotel lobby/room, or lounge room. Her pieces are strong, confident, and lively. Each piece takes on a different part of Jessica’s own personality.

‘Mr Gucci’ is a signature piece in the Baker Collection and Jessica describes it as being “sassy!” This large scale 100x200cm painting is dramatic and full of movement thanks to the resin’s naturally high gloss fluidness. A radiant turquoise base anchors together layers of deep yet transparent navy and opaque blue. Shimmering metallic silver, and phosphorescent white burst across the canvas like miniature monochrome explosions.

Styling ‘Mr Gucci’ in your home or in a commercial location is a breeze. The cool shades of blue throughout are versatile, mixing well with a variety of other colours, textures, and furnishings. It has an overall calming and relaxing vibe despite its dynamic composition. This painting would be complemented well with modern furnishings, linen textures, natural wood finishing, marble and even leather.

Australian Artist Jessica Baker has spent years exploring, experimenting, building up, and refining her skills with paints, inks, pigments, and resin. Resin is a particularly challenging medium to work with and it takes an artist with fine precision, patience, and bold confidence to do it right. Jessica is a true resin expert, painting with confidence, ease, and spirit. She knows exactly where each medium will move and how it will interact with one another. Her pieces are always energetic and fresh, commanding attention and always the focal point of the room.

Jessica’s original resin pieces make wonderful and distinctive additions to any collector’s gallery. Each one of her paintings is completely unique, and she paints each one intending to make it dramatically different from the last. Many of her creations are commissioned by private collectors wanting customized pieces, so her portfolio is filled with a wide variety of works ranging drastically in size, colour, and composition. She encourages new onlookers to create imaginative stories about her work and explore the emotions they evoke. She loves knowing that her artwork is the top of conversation at any gathering and that they bring as much joy to their new owners as they do to her.

Mr Gucci 100x200cm – Original Resin on Cotton Canvas by Australian Artist Jessica Skye Baker

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