Artist Nicole Baker, Original Artwork, Abstract Painting, Elements
SOLD 'Elements' by Australian artist Nicole Baker
Artist Nicole Baker, Original Artwork, Abstract Painting, ElementsSOLD 'Elements' by Australian artist Nicole Baker



Elements – 198 x 122cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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Artist Nicole Baker Explores the notion of Creativity and Imagination in her Abstract Painting – Elements

True to her signature style and mediums Artist Nicole Baker loves to explore. In each one of her paintings you will see layered acrylic, oil and ink mediums combined with an array of drawn and painterly marks.

Created with layers of pale pinks and neutralised with greens and blacks, Elements will hang proudly in any room it is placed in. This large scale 198 x 122cm cotton canvas stretched painting will dominate any room it is hung. In a bedroom it can be easily accentuated with soft furnishings, bedding, cushions and throws. Or in an entrance, dining room or living room it can pack a punch with some contrasting lighting or a vase. Gucci preferred.

With her bold strokes and vibrant colours she forces viewers to exercise their imaginations, her work is loved by children and adored by adults. Nicole Baker’s playful yet powerful colour pallet and composition draws every observer into the artwork, it just can’t be helped.

Her aim is to make each viewer find their own interpretations of what they see and to find their own expressions of how they feel. Observers get to tell their own story. Her wild abstract forms and painterly lines leave the door open for unique story portrayals.

“Abstract Art is very much the Art of Storytelling,” Artist Nicole Baker

What-ever age you are, abstract art stirs creativity in your imagination. Hang Elements in a boardroom and add style and sophistication to a space, conjure up images of grandeur or Devil meets Prada. Or let Elements take ownership of a kid’s bedroom and let your children explore their imagination and tell their own story of what they see. Maybe it’s the Gruffolo’s forest, green sheep lazing around in their paddock or Cinderalla’s fairy godmother.

Original art is just as important to have in a kid’s room as with any other room in the house. Imagine sitting with your child every night and making up stories of what you can see in an artwork. You would be creating story telling memories that will last a lifetime. An original piece of art is also a possession that children can treasure until they get older. Then they can hang it proudly in their own homes as adults. Imagine if they can keep the story telling tradition alive through generations. There is nothing more special in life than that.

“When I paint I am completely in my own zen zone. It makes me happy to create loose and gestural artwork that is also very controlled and has a thought process behind it. It is very much me. I am a thinker and an art lover. I put colours together and stand back from my artwork and decide where to block my next colour or place my next strokes. It makes me happy to paint and I love seeing collectors faces when my artwork makes them happy. It is like a big karma circle.” Nicole Baker

Art is about investing in yourself. About you telling your own story. You should love the artwork you have purchased every time you step into the room it hangs. You should be proud of it.

Elements – 198 x 122cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic on Stretched Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker

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Dimensions 198 × 3 × 122 cm


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