The Street Flower collection by Jessica Baker

Street flowers Jessica Baker

Street flowers Jessica Baker; Australian artist Jessica Baker has been painting her whole adult life. Jessica grew up in a creative household. There was always inspiration around. Her father, a surrealist painter, always had a painting on the go in their living room. He would paint on an old antique bread cabinet with the draw out as his easel. He was situated right between the family dining area and lounge room, having a cup of hot English tea, painting and watching television all at the same time. Books of Salvador Dali, his inspiration, drawing and painting were always placed around the home and filled the bookcase. Creativeness, colour and inspiration was never a shortage in the Baker household.

Jessica began her artistic career painting abstracts with lots of colour and texture. Acrylic was her medium, and she always worked large scale. She sold her first two large abstracts to a collector in Queensland and hasn’t looked back since.

During this period, she was introduced to resin as a medium. Resin worked well with her abstract style, and it naturally became one of her signature mediums. To date, she has sold hundreds of resin artworks to collectors around Australia and internationally. For almost fifteen years, she painted with resin, paint and pigments.

Established now as a full-time artist and painter, she started to combine acrylic and resin. Together, these two mediums are best seen in her ‘Peace Poppy’ and ‘Protea – Sugar Bush‘ collections. These are still available today through online galleries and are regularly commissioned.

About Street Flowers Jessica Baker

To date, she works fiercely on her ‘Cartel Flowers’ and Street Flowers. These can be seen on online gallery sites such as The Block Shop and Bluethumb. You can also acquire artwork directly from the artist. These brightly textured paintings quickly became another signature series, and she was listed as one of Australia’s top artists by Bluethumb.

Inspired by abstracts, colour, nature, street art and artists such as Banksy, she started working on a combination of techniques. Jessica’s boldly coloured florals are filled with a texture that jumps off the canvas. She works predominately with both Belgium linen and 100% cotton canvas, and her work is still very much large scale.

In many of her artworks, such as ‘Mrs Banksy’ 200 cm x 122cm, you can see her signature bold colours and an abundant number of layers that create a texture that pops off the canvas. She lays acrylic paint down with a palette knife and straight from the tube to form her floral arrangements. Once these layers have dried, she works with the colour palette and finishes the piece with washes and spray paint.

The beauty of the ‘Cartel Collection’ is the vibrancy of colour and texture and the impressionistic street art style she has created. This makes them perfect for formal house settings and urban, industrial spaces and because of the colour bombs in each piece, pairing it with soft furnishings and fixtures is effortless. Choose the colours you would like to work with within your space. ‘Mrs Banksy’ can stunningly hang in a neutral coloured area just as well as a colonial-styled room.

As with many artists, once they have painted a series for a long time, they like to expand their horizons. Also drawn to Matisse and his impressionistic style, which is very prominent in the ‘Cartel Collection’, she began to work on her ‘Street Flowers’ series. This series was very much influenced by her sister, an Abstract painter – Nicole Baker, aka Nicki Comelli. Nicole’s formal art training could see a distinct style appearing, and her thoughts went to the art of Australian artist Sydney Nolan and his work on the ‘Ned Kelly’ series. With the encouragement of her sister, Jessica continued to work on her ‘Street Flowers’ collection. She has now painted many to date, also painted in acrylic and large scale format showcases her love for impressionism and street art.

Her ‘Street Flowers’ series juxtaposes Jessica’s passion for the natural Australian environment and fashion. Titles such as ‘Dior Beauty’ ‘Mc Queen’ ‘Home Among the Gumtrees and ‘Ned Kelly’ all work beautifully together in the series, and again they work themselves into any room setting.

Jessica paints in her Artworx in-house studio and can be seen adorned with paint daily. She is known to be a walking palette in her Hard Yakka shorts, jumper and shoes. She welcomes commissions and anyone who wants to walk into her studio to see the artwork in person. Often collectors like to see the painting to see if it resonates with them. As with any art, collectors generally choose artwork that gives them a particular type of effect or appeal. What you see or feel about a painting, what vibe it brings to you is generally personal.

Jessica paints intuitively, and colour has naturally flowed from her paintbrush or palette knife throughout her painting career. Effortlessly she works as she creates every one of her artworks. Her confident, direct personality, along with her passion for art, makes her paintings genuinely stand out. They become the hero piece in any room they are hung, and each painting hangs boldly whether it is dressed up or dressed down.

Street flowers Jessica Baker; For her most current up to date, collections check out The Block Shop, Bluethumb, or come and visit the artist herself in her studio.