The abstract Protea by Australian artist Jessica Baker

Australia's artist Jessica Baker Baker Collection

Australia’s artist Jessica Baker; Australian artist Jessica Baker @bakercollection can bring life to any room with one of her renowned abstract floral paintings. Typically painted in her large-scale style Jessica’s Protea’s adorn stretched canvas sizes 100 x 100cm, 120 x 120cm, 120 x 150 and 122 x 187 cm. There is nothing small about this collection.

The large cotton canvas sizes allow her to flow paint beautifully over its surface without being limited by space. When viewing her artwork, you can see large sweeping areas of colour and texture that often run to the very edges of the painting. Acrylic paint, alcohol-based ink, impasto and Sumi ink are her chosen mediums for her well-received abstract Protea paintings. 

Jessica floods her canvas with water to create a Protea painting and uses neutral-toned acrylic paint to form a background. This process is all done by hand and makes a watercolour wash look. While the canvas is still wet, she uses a technique called wet on wet. She draws directly into the painting by squeezing bottles of alcohol ink onto it. Here she starts to form the stem and leaves of the Protea flower. The alcohol ink line formations are very organic as the ink bleeds naturally into the acrylic background of the canvas. She then takes a palette knife and lays thick impasto/modelling paste on top of the thin acrylic base and ink to create the bloom of the Protea. After forming the top of her lower and still working wet on wet, Jessica adds more alcohol ink to deepen the original layers of the painting. Inks are drawn and splattered. She then forms the abstract floral by blending and scratching back the layers in a true artistic mark-making style. 

Australian artist Jessica Baker is naturally free-spirited when she paints, and if you look closely, you can see this openly in her painting technique. You can view loose, exaggerated line work over the top of large palette knife sweeps. Only one rigger paintbrush, along with some Sumi ink, to complete the painting. These brush marks are fleeting and painted over the many under layers to create highlights. The linework created by the brush marks allows the viewer’s eye to follow the stem of the flower, up to its leaves and then eventually to the bloom.   

About the Protea flower – Australia’s artist Jessica Baker

The Protea flower is renowned for symbolising ‘a beauty that stands out, and it embraces boldness, diversity and uniqueness. Isn’t it true if you are gifted a bunch of flowers with a Protea stem in it? It is the Protea flower that always truly stands out? 

It stands out from the crowd. 

This beautiful, unique flower attracts attention no matter how beautiful the other flowers next to it are. There are many species of the Protea flower, and all are unique in colour, size and shape. Symbolically they are known to portray courage, daringness, diversity and transformation.

What is your colour?

When it comes to colours, what is the colour that brightens your world and speaks to you? Are you a blue person, or is magenta more your colour palette? I am always drawn to art by colour and its representation. People who love blue are generally naturally intuitive, are great at communication and are natural-born leaders. 

Or, are you drawn to magenta? People who generally love magenta contain a beautiful balance of grounding red, creative orange and intuitive violet. These people are known to be artistic and have some eccentric traits. Colour is fascinating to think about it when you are choosing your next original piece of art.      

“Everything I do has an abstract element. It is meant to be bright. It is meant to be fun.” Australian artist Jessica Baker

Suppose you can’t find your colour in the Protea collection but love the style of the painting. Australian artist Jessica Baker is open for commissions as long as it is on a large-scale canvas. Customise your very own painting with this renowned painter. Send us some sample swatches and photographs of your space, and we can work with you to achieve a stunningly unique piece of art.  

Australian artist Jessica Baker’s Protea collection can adorn any wall in the home and are perfect for boutique-style businesses. This painting series has a bright, vivid colour palette, but they have a sense of calm when viewing the paintings themselves. You can easily pair the Protea collection with soft furnishings such as fur throws and cushions, or it can stand alone and hang just as boldly in an architecturally styled room. The canvases Jessica paints on can be float mounted or framed hard to the edge. Framing these large-scale stretched canvases in a floating wood frame can give the painting a completed, polished look. 

Abstract paintings never date, and either does florals. So why not bring a sense of calm into your living space with a Protea painting by Australian artist Jessica Baker. You can view the Protea abstract floral collection in person in Jessica’s in-house Artworx studio. You can purchase through Australia’s most extensive online galleries Blue Thumb and The Block Shop, or directly through the Baker Collection website. Shipping of artwork can be arranged Australia wide and internationally and is often included in the final sale price of the painting. 

Australia’s artist Jessica Baker Note: If you love the Protea painting collection by Australian artist Jessica Baker and want to try painting yourself online, painting kits with all materials included are available @artmaterialsaustralia. This kit consists of a step by step video of Jessica painting. You will have everything you need in the comfort of your home to paint your very own masterpiece. Beginners to professional painters will enjoy this online painting experience.

Jessica has been teaching the art of Protea painting for many years. She has had many, many class participants. If you would like to get creative with the artist herself in the studio, you can book here at