Original Artworks Peace Poppies

Original Artworks  Peace Poppies

Artists Nicole and Jessica Skye Baker have combined their painting skills and techniques to create a fresh new original artworks series; ‘Peace Poppies’ is a bold and dreamy collection representing the gorgeous red poppy flower.

During World War II, red poppies were one of the first flowers to bloom in the devastated battlefields. Each one of the Baker Collection’s ‘Peace Poppies’ signifies bringing eternal PEACE to the world.

How are ‘Peace Poppies’ Created?

Each painting in this series is created on a large scale stretched canvas. Rich, bold colour is applied using a wet on wet effect with fluid watercolour techniques. The canvas is soaked with water, and acrylic inks and paints are bled into the surface to form the flowers’ leaves, stems, and buds. Once dry, thick red and magenta acrylic paints were laid onto the painting surface with a palette knife to form the flower petals.

In the final stages, to bring depth to the painting, a glass resin is applied. Once the resin has dried, extra buds, flowers, stems, and smaller details are painted to create intricate layers of abstracted impressionistic poppies. The gold pigmented stamens are the final touch along with the Baker signature.

Where can I hang my original Peace Poppy?

‘Peace Poppies’ are delightful paintings that bring a modern ambience to any room. They give a lustrous feel to professional spaces, like a clinic or studio, or transform a boutique bedroom, reading corner, or nook.

These large-scale pieces can hang alone in a minimalistic room or can be paired with soft furnishings. Think natural linen, velvet cushions, and sheepskins when styling the surrounding space. They can hang directly onto the wall or can be finished with a floating frame.

Artists Nicole and Jessica are natural-born artists and grew up in a creative household. Their parents have inspired them since early childhood to live their dreams. They live by the mantra, “If you are happy, the world you are a part of is happy.” So, with paintbrushes in hand and decades of painting experience, they have unveiled their original artwork series ‘Peace Poppies.’

The rich and complex compositions that ‘Peace Poppies’ explore are elegant and timeless. They are authentic signature styles of both artists combined. Nicki stays true to her abstract mark-making style, and Jessica doesn’t stray far from her fluid techniques.

Together they have created the vibrant and sexy ‘Peace Poppies.’ Each ‘Peace Poppy’ is an original, unique to its collector. There are no reproductions. ‘Peace Poppies’ can be commissioned upon request, or if you have time, join them in the studio and create your very own ‘Peace Poppy’ original.

Peace Poppies 91x184cm – Original Resin on Cotton Canvas by artist Nicole Baker & Jessica Baker