Abstract artist Nicki Comelli

Abstract artist Nicki Comelli #VBHongKong

Abstract art by Nicki Comelli at the Baker Collection with her original art ‘#VBHongKong’

Abstract Art Nicki Comelli; ‘#VBHongKong’ says it all. Inspired by high-end fashion, this abstract original art piece is done in acrylic and spray paint on a 120 x 150cm stretched Belgium linen. Typical of artist Nicki Comelli’s trademark style, it’s complex, stylistic, and playful.

Opposites attract in the dynamic colour palette of ‘#VBHongKong’. Muted mauves are paired with lush olive greens, navy blue, and black. Long strokes of punchy peach are layered with dark and light pinks and swept through with fluorescent colours that move throughout. Harsh linear strokes lead the eye around blocks of negative space which showcases the beautiful natural finish of the Belgium linen. The vibrant colours present in this piece create an energetic movement across the canvas.

The busy composition and chaotic layering of ‘#VBHongKong’ allow it to become the hero piece of any home or office. Different features in this piece come to light depending on the colours of the room that surround it. It can be worked into a bedroom with pale walls, taking on Banksy like qualities, or stand out in a room with dramatic dark feature walls.

For a softer touch, highlight this piece with simple, soft furnishings like cushions, throws, and rugs in pastel peaches, pinks or mauve. For a bolder look, throw off the painting with an oversized gold-leaf filigree frame, bold solid coloured vases or collectibles, and strong black timber furnishings.

‘#VBHongKong’ explores Nicki Comelli’s signature style; her mark-making is effortless and carefree. Her original one-off pieces are highly sought after and are hung in homes all over Australia. She paints for the love of painting and strongly believes that her artwork should speak to each collector. Artwork should transform a house into a home, it should speak bravely and elegantly to each person who walks into the room where it hangs.

“Buying art shouldn’t just be about accruing valuable assets. Yes, ART IS AN INVESTMENT and a nice piece of art is worth every cent you spend on it. BUT more importantly, it is also part of your journey. When you choose a piece of artwork, it should speak to your soul and express what makes you who you are. It should resonate with you and visually share part of you to others,” Nicki Comelli

‘#VBHongKong’ – 120 x 150cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic on Stretched Belgium Linen by artist Nicki Comelli

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