Buy Big Artwork Online

Buy big artworks online Nicki Comelli & Jessica Baker

Buy big artworks online and make a statement with current Australian artists Nicki Comelli or Jessica Baker’s artwork. If you love big and colour then one of these artists paintings need to hang on your walls. Abstract artist Nicki Comelli is all about being bold and owning your space. In contrast, impressionist artist Jessica Baker will bring an element of cavalier to your area with one of her floral pieces.  

First impressions last

When you walk into a home, one of the first things you will notice is its overall decor and what is hanging on the walls. Oversized artwork will make a statement when it is showcased. A large piece of artwork is very demanding of space and can make or break the vibe in your room. Big paintings are a focal point, and because of the immense amount of presence a significant artwork has in your space, you must, without a doubt, love it.

Your visitors often remember art hanging on your walls. It stays in people’s memories. Because of this, you as a collector must have a real connection with the artwork that you hang. Buy big artwork online from the Baker Collection with confidence. If you don’t find the colours you love, ask either Australian artist Nicki Comelli or Jessica Baker to commission a piece especially for you so that you can tie together your colour palette and décor.  

You can buy big artworks online before you style your space and let the piece direct your interior decor, or you can work with the artists themselves to choose your colour palette. Email photographs of your room through to so that you can give the artists a visual representation of your space. Then liaise with the artists through email or over the phone and collaborate to create that perfect painting. 

For some, choosing a colour theme for your home can be overwhelming. Artists Nicki and Jess have years of experience and can guide you through this task.  

Buy big artworks online and change the vibe  

If you are into vast open rooms with not much layering, you can instantly create a feeling of a well-designed space with an abstract piece by Nicki Comelli. Nicki is a contemporary Australian abstract mark maker. Her artwork is often intuitively completed over months and sometimes years; This allows Nicki to work on several paintings simultaneously. She builds her paintings up strategically using a paintbrush, palette knife, acrylic paint, ink and spray paint. You can make an artistic statement with a piece of Nicki’s artwork. It is big, bright, layered and will become the hero piece of any space. Her work holds its own when hung in old refurbished homes as well as high-end newer contemporary spaces.  

“White walls don’t make you smile”, Nicki Comelli. Having a large bare wall can make a home or space soulless and stark, which creates a lack of energy. Buying a big piece of artwork and hanging it on your bare wall will instantly transform this. 

Working your big artwork into a space

Once you have the colour theme worked out for your room, you will find it easy to design the rest of your space. The process will flow. Cushions, soft furnishings and small décor items will be easy to choose. Either go with harmonious colours that match your painting entirely and incorporate these items into your space or choose to work with complete opposite colours. Colours that are opposite each other on the colour wheel are considered complementary colours, for example, red and green. Gucci does this well with their branding. The high contrast of complementary colours can create a powerful aesthetic when used at full saturation.

Artist Jessica Baker

You might prefer the artwork of Australian artist Jessica Baker. Jessica is known for bold and vibrant impressionist brush strokes similar to that of Matisse and Pro Hart. She draws her inspiration from the Australian landscape and natives. Jessica paints by layering acrylic paints, impasto, spray paint and ink on her working surface. She is known to use a mix of cotton canvas and Belgium linen. Her paintings on linen often provide a neutral palette for her vibrant colours.

In contrast, her cotton canvas paintings are strikingly bold. Jessica’s impressionistic styled paintings are created just like a performance. She lays down colour upon colour with ease as though it is second nature. With each painting, she makes a fun emanating ambience that transfers to her artwork. 

How to enjoy your artwork

One of the best and easiest ways to enjoy your space from day to day and bring inspiration into your life is through art. Especially if you don’t have an inspiring view through the windows. Why do we need art in our home? It might seem to be a simple question. But the reality is art is more than just adding some colour to your space. It creates a presence. It is simply beautiful and pleasant to the eye and soul to have something in your home that bears the makers mark. Something that isn’t machine manufactured. With a striking piece of artwork, you can see a sense of effort, skill and time. A machine can not portray the painter’s mark in any form through a hanging print or manufactured piece of art. 

When you get to work with the artist in collaboration, you can extend the presence of your artwork even further. You have a story to tell that goes far beyond just the visual. 

How to own a piece of art by one of these artists      

Buy big artworks online from artists Nicki Comelli and Jessica Baker at Australia’s most extensive online gallery Bluethumb, at The Block Shop or internationally at Saatchi art. You can also purchase directly via the Baker Collection website. 

Let your art connect

You will instantly know when you connect to a piece of art. It is a very intuitive process. Once you have chosen your artwork, it will automatically express your artistic prowess so make sure you love it. Have no doubt when you purchase it; Love it now, and you will in years to come. A fabulous piece of artwork can work with any interior styling. Be proud of what you have chosen. Hang it in the kitchen and let it be the conversation starter over a morning coffee with friends. Showcase your great artwork in the dining or lounge room and make it a striking piece that invites conversation. Or place it in your entry and create a memorable first impression. Wherever you choose to hang your large painting, make it the piece that will complete you and your home. 

Make a statement, own it and be it.