The Appeal of Abstract Art in the Home

Jess Baker art at the Baker Collection

Jess Baker artist

‘Abstract art is not merely sloppy, messy painting. Abstract art is an abstraction from reality. It can take a realistic subject and reduce it to its basic shapes or it can be spontaneous in the moment – mark making. It covers many styles and objectives.’

Abstract art in the home provides an insight into what makes the owner tick.  It can be the focal point of a room – tying in the main accent colour of a well-balanced décor. Abstract art can be a way to introduce colours and elements into a room, being the uniting force that allows it all to work cohesively.  It enables differences to work together in a space, whereas traditional art can promote a theme in an interior.

The appeal of abstract art in the home is the ability to create or introduce a truly unique piece that reflects the owner’s needs and desires, whether it is a reflection of the colour palette of the décor or the visual lines of the space’s construction.  It can make a powerful statement that totally defines a space.

As abstract art is non-representational it allows a person to form their own interpretation of its meaning.  This adds to the appeal of using it in the home. It creates a focal point of interest, adding energy and individuality to the space it inhabits.  It can be an effective conversation starter and ice breaker!

The powerful effect of using abstract art in the home was demonstrated on The Block series in 2016.  Abstract paintings from the Baker Collection which were painted by Jessica Baker were used to great effect.  They provided the perfect finishing touch to numerous rooms – ultimately delivering a definite ‘wow’ factor.

A wonderful piece of abstract art is a fantastic investment – it will certainly make its presence felt! By allowing your chosen piece to take pride of place in its chosen space you will be able to simplify the décor of your room. There will be no need for random collectible pieces or other clutter!

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Abstract art can be a creative way to pull the colours of a space together.baker Collection