Resin Artwork by artist Jessica Skye Baker how it can become the Hero Piece of your Room

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Well, the search is over and you have found YOUR piece of resin artwork. Resin artwork buy online; It is so vibrant and commanding – it is impossible to ignore. With the amazing effects achieved through the use of resin this piece demands centre stage. Its vibrant colours and textures come to life within the three-dimensional finish that resin creates.

If you have not been able to find a piece of artwork that resonates with you, commissioning a piece that will incorporate the colours and effects that appeal to you may be the answer. This is a viable option for people who want something truly unique – something created especially for them! All that you have to decide is what colours inspire you and what you would like to incorporate into your home décor. Jessica Baker, artist of The Baker Collection has completed numerous commission pieces nationally and internationally for a wide range of clients. A consultation with Jessica can assist you in deciding what artwork is right for you. Her no-nonsense approach will steer you in the right direction and make decision making easy.

To maximise the effect of your chosen piece of artwork you need to provide it with sufficient space to shine. Space to create its own ambience and deliver its statement. It will deliver its payload of feeling and life – adding, colour and personality to its chosen space.

Your resin artwork deserves to be the hero in the room. It’s making a statement about you and your own uniqueness. By allowing the artwork to be the pivotal point in the room you can take inspiration from it to complete the decor of the room – it can bring decorative elements together. You will need to determine what you want to achieve. What is the living space used for – is it a living room or bedroom?  Study or dining area?  The purpose of the space will assist to determine the ambience and mood to be achieved.

Find YOUR unique piece within the Baker Collection; once you have set your eyes on it you will know.


So now you have your artwork, you know where it is to be placed and what mood you wish to create. To promote your art as the hero of the room choose a colour from your artwork and purchase a statement piece of furniture in that colour. The furniture provides an anchor for your chosen colour. Other touches of colour and texture can be incorporated into the space through the use of other decorative elements. Lighting up your artwork is also a wonderful way to focus attention on the piece – there is nothing quite like a spotlight to say ‘look at me’!

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The Baker Collection is a unique range of artwork covering various styles and media. There are numerous resin pieces available in a range of sizes and prices.  Jessica Baker’s unique resin work was featured on the 2016 series of The Block, is featured in the dining room of a Geelong hotel and a bar in Melbourne and that’s just to name a few. The Baker Collection is a unique collection of works by a family of artists.

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