Nicole Baker Artist

Nicole Baker Artist Au

Original artwork by Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker artist Au abstracts are well known in the Australian art community. Her large canvases have captivating energy. It comes as no surprise that her work hangs in homes and businesses across the globe.

Fashion and influences from the street

Nicole Baker artist – Like many artists, she is an observer of the world. She relishes in visual delights and finds inspiration in the work of other creatives. The vibrant, gutsy and sometimes irreverent nature of street art stands out as an influence on her style.

Confident marks declare ownership of the canvas and boldly call for attention. Broad, sweeping strokes and an energetic crisscrossing of layers can be seen in her compositions. Graffiti style spray paint adds characteristic specked gradients.

Nicole also seeks out and enjoys the pleasures in life. Small luxuries, as well as big indulgences. The opulence and elegance of the fashion world and the fast-paced ideas of fashion trends catch her eye. She loves to incorporate elements of this energy in her work.

Catwalk fashion is wild and daring. It excites the senses and fires up the imagination. It is about living a fabulous life. Fellow fashion lovers know how good it feels to treat yourself with a piece from the latest wow collection.

As Coco Chanel said: Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”. As fashion talks about life, so does art. It echoes what is important to us and enriches our lives.

Nicole’s abstracts live in this world of heightened senses.

Communicating with colour

Colour is incredibly powerful at conveying a mood. Different colours speak to us as our frame of mind shifts. We are drawn into those which resonate with how we feel. Or, connect with colours as an extension of how we see ourselves.

Do splashes of hot pink speak to your playful side? Are you attracted to greens as they remind you of being in nature?

Aware of these forces, the colour palettes of Nicole’s works are carefully chosen. There is always meaning in the colour. The palettes are complex and soft pastels bounce off intense, rich tones. The colour dialogue creates an energy that communicates.

Aquas are calming and rejuvenating. Bursts of orange bring joy and a sunny feel. Olive greens cut through the compositions and bring a warmth that offsets blues and corals. Lavender and lilac purples are cool, elegant, and ethereal. They add a touch of ultraviolet shimmer as a background for contrasting greens or Prussian blues to sit on top. Sandy tones are warm sophisticated and understated.

“As fashion talks about life, so does art.”nicole BAKEr

Creating work through expressive mark-making – Nicole Baker artist

Nicole considers herself a true mark maker. She works in the moment and revels in the specific qualities of each media. Hard lines, soft feathery strokes, changes of direction, zigzags, waves and circles dance across the canvases and entwine with each other.

Her marks are a richly expressive language that captures her mood as she paints. Years of creating and working with paint and drawing tools have allowed her distinctive style to emerge. Yet there remains constant exploration through textures and painterly lines.

The final works stand as artefacts of the process. A physical connection always exists between the artist and the mark. The body is directly involved and the marks a result of that presence. Aliveness in the paint carries on beyond the time of creation.

Add Nicole Baker artist Au originals to your collection

Nicole’s lively artworks never fail to add character and personality to space. Her pieces look amazing in living rooms, bedrooms or entry halls. Equally, they make a vibrant statement in a contemporary commercial space. The original artwork has an aura that is unmatched.

Inviting an artwork into your home feels invigorating and inspiring. The selection expresses your own style as much as the accessories you choose to wear. Art is like a cherry on top of life. Buy something unique that really captures your vibe.