Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Artist Jessica Baker

A rtist Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker artist; The first thing that stands out about Jessica’s work is the sheer scale. She creates huge pieces that cannot be ignored. You might even call them epic.

Her works ground spaces and provide a focal point; They spark conversations and can provoke lively debate. Jessica encourages observers to seek their own meaning in her work. Look into them and find a connection. Think about how they make you feel and what you see.

Living large with resin

Jessica’s signature pieces are her bold and dramatic resin canvases. She has been working in the medium for years and is extremely accomplished at manipulating the pigments; Highly controlled yet spontaneous.

Her resin compositions are grand gestures of colour sweeping across the canvas, often set against block colour backgrounds. They are explosive, organic and alive. The details are intricate, and it is easy to stay endlessly captivated by their complexity.

Resin is never simply poured over her canvases. Mark making and brush strokes are fundamental to Jessica’s process. Working in layers of acrylics, pigments and resin her marks are laid into the composition at every stage.

Her colours are bold and bright. She is in love with Prussian blue, sparkling aquas and turquoise. Blues are excellent for interiors, as they are restful, positive and calming. Her work evokes images of the clear Mediterranean or tropical island waters. They speak of freedom and confidence.

You will also find her canvases filled with classic red, dramatic purples and vibrant oranges. Her palettes are often restricted, and the artworks have an elemental quality. Stylish monochromes are embellished with silver or gold pigments. The finish is always a high-gloss.

Jessica Baker artist – A bouquet of bold colours

Gum nut flowers, banksias, poppies, daisies, proteas and more. Similar to her resin paintings, Jessica Baker artist florals are statement pieces. They radiate out and fill the canvases. There’s a flurry of chaotic and joyful energy and richness to the colours.

All of Jessica’s florals have a wonderfully rich and raw quality. From a distance blocks of colour, sharp vertical stem lines or round floral shapes dominate her canvases. Come in closer, and you can see many small details worked into the layers.

Her mark-making dexterity shines. Small drips and fine dotted splatters mix with lines and scrapes of the palette knife. Paint strokes are streaked with multiple colours and textures emerge from layers of washes, dabs and drizzles. Spray paint adds a touch of street vibe here and there.

Working with impasto techniques, thick and lusciously applied acrylics add a wonderful sense of three-dimensionality to her Proteas. The enclosed round flower heads are marked by glistening lines of ink and paint which stand out from the surface.

They are explosive, organic and aliveBAKER collection




Hot pink and coral gum nut flowers appear to dangle and swing like bells from the top of the canvases; Parallel combed lines become their fluffy mass of stamens. Zigzag lines evoke the serrated edge of Banksia leaves. Her native flowers have an earthiness to their palettes: olive and moss greens, rust, creamy yellows and ochres.

Her daisies are plentiful and light. Playfully strewn across the canvas, all facing the viewer, they have a patterned, graphic quality. You can imagine them all bobbing and swaying together as a breeze sweeps across a field or into a garden.

Jessica’s series of gorgeous red poppies ‘Peace Poppies’ is classic and uplifting. As a widely recognised symbol of remembrance, red poppies also embody hope for a peaceful future. Each painting has its own originality, and the poppies vary from bold, simplistic tones, to translucent washes.

Using wet-on-wet techniques, drizzled and streaked stems can appear almost as silhouettes or dense clusters of greenery on top of light, fluid gradients. In contrast, vibrant red and magenta poppy blossoms fill the upper section of the canvases. Textured, painterly strokes define the crinkling of their petals. Black and gold punctuate the centres of the flowers.  

Collaboration is greater than the sum of the parts

Jessica also regularly teams up with her sister Nicole. Together they are a powerhouse of creativity that never seems to rest. They have created numerous series of impressive work. From classic nudes sketches to striking poppies, their work always stands out.

Each brings their own flavour and style to the projects, and the results speak for themselves. You can find their work signed as Baker Collection, and hanging in many homes and businesses Australia wide, and internationally.

Jessica Baker artist originals add to your collection

Collecting art is a conscious choice to bring joy and meaning into your world. Selecting an original piece to adorn a wall is always about more than decorating an interior. It is also a declaration of personal style.

You speak to the world through your choices. Dare to speak large and loud.

Jessica’s work is for the daring and always attracts attention. Whether it is a dramatic resin abstract or one of her gorgeous contemporary ‘Cartel Flowers’ they will bring life to any space.

Find Jessica’s work on The Block Shop, Blue Thumb or Saatchi Art.

Customised original artworks are also available upon request.