Urban Abstract Acrylics

Nicole Baker Abstract Artist

A rtist Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker abstract artist and her acrylics; Nicole is well known for her impressive, bright abstract artworks. She works with a variety of media, including acrylics, oil pastels and ink. Her large canvases are bold and captivating.

Street art styles are a great love of Nicole’s. You can see dramatic graffiti-style strokes often sweeping across her canvases.

Nicole’s works are painted in an intuitive and energetic manner. Her fondness of Sumi painting techniques shines through. In this style of traditional oriental painting, it is the quality of the lines that is most important. The goal is to capture the spirit of the subject, rather than depict physical details.

A variety of strokes and marks convey a wide range of emotions and ideas. From dynamic and powerful to elegant and peaceful. Mark making is central to Nicole’s work.

The Urban Abstract Acrylics collection


This collection features Nicole’s acrylic works on canvas. It is a fiercely contemporary body of work. The pieces are fresh, playful and full of colour.

Each work in this collection has a distinctive feel. They are all unmistakably Nicole Bakers. Yet, every piece is infused with a specific mood and tone that speaks differently.

The palette is often lively. The linework animated. Dramatic contrasts and wide confident brush strokes populate the canvases. Rich black ink flows across the surface and melds with the acrylics, or flits and flickers lightly over the colour below.

Aquas, pinks, purples, pale blues, and forest greens dance across the compositions. Or, patches of ochres, yellow and rust are interrupted by cracks of sky blue peeping through. Terracottas sooth and vibrant neons scream for attention.

Nicole’s abstracts are rich with texture. Being able to get up close and admire the variations is the pleasure that comes with owning an original artwork. The feel of every line, stroke and splatter can be examined and enjoyed. 

Clues to the vibe of a piece can be gleaned by looking at the artwork titles. Stories and metaphors come to mind and offer a window into Nicole’s creative vision. Is that a bustling crowd? Are we strutting through the city in all our finery? Or, have we landed in a magical garden? The possibilities are endless and every work has plenty of detail to excite your imagination.

Nicole Baker Abstract Artist  – How was the Urban Abstract acrylics collection created?

“Are we strutting through the city in all our finery?”BAKER collection




You might think that creating energetic work like this is full of movement and the process is fast-paced. However, Nicole takes a much more zen approach.

To begin, she centres herself and gets ‘into the zone’. Her first movements are to lay down a rough colour palette as a starting point. Brushstrokes are broad and colour flows effortlessly onto the canvas.

The experience is freeing and as she works her mood is light and positive. She is fuelled by the composition emerging on the canvas. Each new stroke updates the balance. The interplay of colour shifts. Different shapes form and invite more marks to follow.

In this way, Nicole guides each composition to its final brilliant and rhythmic form. She is lead by what flows out to the canvas. Colours overlap and lines begin to intertwine, and dip in and out of view as more strokes are placed on top.

The process is expressive and she finds it wonderfully freeing to create the pieces.

Add ‘Abstract Acrylics’ to your collection


Want to sing to the world your unique personality? Selecting and displayed a bold original painting is a great way to show that you go your own way. You are one of a kind and you live with pizzazz.

The Abstract Acrylics Collection is perfect to make a lively statement in any home. Or, select a daring abstract for your business. Inspire your staff, amaze your clients, or set a bright mood for your customers.

A large abstract acrylic will instantly become the centrepiece in any room. They are equally at home in the most contemporary spaces, as making a gutsy counterpoint in a more traditional setting. Concrete walls and warehouse conversions are perfect to showcase these artworks.

This collection of abstracts delights in being a visual feast. With so many tasty treats on offer, you may find yourself going back for a second course.

If you are looking for a piece in a specific size or to match a certain colour, Nicole can also work with you to create a personalised abstract acrylic.