Watercolour Abstracts at the Baker Collection

Abstract Watercolours artist Nicole Baker

A rtist Nicole Baker

Watercolour abstracts – Nicole Baker’s art exudes cheeky playfulness. She is wildly passionate about art and the creative process, and this comes across in every piece she makes.

Her influences are eclectic. She adores street art and you can see this in the bright clear colour palettes of her abstract acrylics. Bold sweeping lines and spray painted gestures feature prominently on her canvases.

She is also drawn to Sumi for its emphasis on simplicity and desire to communicate the expressive essence of a subject. The quality of lines and marks become the subject itself.

Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Jessica Skye Baker is recognised as one of the premier resin artists in Australia. Her incredible large scale canvases are prized for their ability to dramatically transform and enhance commercial and domestic interiors. Unsurprisingly, they have sold across the globe.

She creates abstract work full of movement and explosive expression. By mixing a variety of techniques truly unique pieces are created.

“Not your typical watercolours”BAKER collection

Working together

As well as completing their individual artworks, these dynamic sisters love to create collaborative pieces. They have each sold hundreds of original artworks.

Inspired by their father Steven Baker, these ladies have been working together and painting together for decades. Their energies bounce off each other, and their combined strengths produce dynamic originals.

The ‘Watercolour Abstracts’ collection

The Baker Collection is proud to offer this special collaborative series.

These are not your typical watercolours. Nebulous spindly blocks, splashes and flowing lakes of colour sit adjacent to each other. Hot pink, electric blues, soft corals and golden yellows are punctuated by rich blacks and inky blues.

True to their own individual styles, these watercolours are bold energetic abstracts. The colours are applied in a manner which emphasises and maintains a feeling of fluidity. The works are not pictorial, but rather convey a strong sense of emotion. Of release, lightness and freedom.

As with the other works by the Baker sisters, this collection has a wonderful sense of movement and spontaneity to it.

The artworks are large square and rectangular compositions—never standard sizes. All works are original watercolour paintings completed on 300gsm fine Italian cotton rag. You can find some pieces in the collection come already framed for immediate hanging.

How is the Watercolour Abstracts Collection Created?

For this collection, Jessica and Nicole work simultaneously on the compositions. The watercolours require working in the moment to manipulate the wet pigments and carefully control their interactions.

The wet paint is a fluid playground where lines and marks are revealed and created. Light drawing with pastel or graphite is placed underneath the watercolours. Oil pastels and watercolour do not mix, so they push off against each other. At times powdered pigments are thrown across the top to add further texture.

Acrylic inks are used for more direct and defined marks. Brushed circular motifs pick up the round shapes formed in the fluid colours below. They run into and flow out of the blocks of colour. Is that some colour running off in that direction? Or, is that a carefully controlled brushstroke? An imprint from a wet object? The ambiguity is satisfying and enchanting.

Wavering lines connect and echo the forms below. Beautiful streaky pigment blooms burst out here and there. They leave soft gradients in their wake and have characteristic delicate undulating edges. Tone on tone patterns is formed by differing intensities of the same colour.

There is a tension between the soft gradients of the fluid colour fields and the frenetic energy of the restless and whimsical marks. Nicole’s mark marking adds a beautiful sense of layering and complexity to the works.

Add Watercolour Abstracts to your collection

Artworks from the abstract watercolour collection are perfect hung above a sofa. With their softer fluid forms and drips, many pieces also work well in a bedroom setting. In a tranquil office, or a spa setting they will add some delicate liveliness which grounds the space.

With its fine lines and gradient washes, this collection is contemplative. Yet still invigorating. They look amazing as an eye-catcher in a room with neutral décor. The blacks and grey are perfect with a charcoal couch. When you are in the mood switch things up by adding some hot pink or gold throw cushions. Or, vibrant classic blue.

Selecting from the Watercolour Abstracts collection is a great choice for large and dramatic artwork at a very reasonable price. If you own a resin painting or one of the large Abstract Acrylics, you could place artwork from this collection as an additional piece in a separate room. This will give a subtle unity to home and encourage a dialogue between different spaces.

Love the style? Looking for something to match a particular room? The Baker sisters will also accept commission requests so you can get just the piece you need.