The Colour Boss Australian artist Jessica Baker

Jessica Baker Australian abstract artist at the Baker Collection

J essica Baker

Although Jessica Baker’s art gene was already in her DNA, it was when she began working at Artworx Art Supplies (Victoria’s most extensive art store and in-house working studios) that her passion for painting truly began to be realised. The talent was always there as she grew up in a creative household. Salvador Dali and figurative books were part of the household décor. Her father was known to have a piece of artwork on the go continuously. While she was growing up, it was his surrealist work on the easel, later on in life, it became more of his naive paintings. It was, however, the experience of working in this unique Geelong art store which became the catalyst to launch her art career.

Jessica Baker is a prominent local artist in her own right, with her distinctive resin pieces, brightly coloured large watercolours and thick acrylic and impasto work she attracts much attention. “There is always banter in our family household ‘The Baker house’ that Jess sells more paintings than anyone,” tells Artworx CEO and sister, Nicole Baker – Nicki Comelli.

For Jessica Baker Art Comes Naturally

Born in Geelong and growing up in a family of artists, Jessica is a self-taught painter and explains that art “comes naturally more than anything” to her.

Whether it’s daily life or just her artistic imagination, she draws her inspiration from the world around her and her love of life.

“Jessica is known for her upbeat, direct personality; she says it how it is and always has done.” Nicole Baker

 Jessica also takes influence from her love of colour and fashion, evident in her new series ‘Cartel Flowers‘ like Devil Wears Prada, Bare Bling and Coco Chanel.

“I like being surrounded by originality and being able to share it with other people,” she says.

“White walls don’t make you smileJESSICA BAKER


At the moment, Jessica Baker is captivated by the unique effect of working with different types of mediums. Acrylic paint, impasto, inks and spray paint. She enjoys layering her paintings with thick heavy brush strokes and palette knife. She is a big fan of colour shapers and silicone brushes. She particularly enjoys watching the magic unfold on the 12oz cotton canvas or Belgium linen she uses.

“I love working large scale if I work small I feel too constricted. There is a lot of chaos and energy that goes into my work; A lot of paint throwing and washing. It is a rewarding process watching the colours, composition, and intuitive strokes come together and create a finished piece of artwork.

It’s an inexpressible pleasure of art which drives her to paint. “I just love it, white walls don’t make you smile” she smiles widely.

Jessica’s abstract works are eye-catching and would liven up any space.

When not working at Artworx and teaching workshops, she can be found in her studio painting commissions and adding to the Baker Collection.

Words fall short of describing the beauty and boldness of her abstract pieces. Magentas, peaches, – within a cacophony of blues and florescent greens hues – there is not one tint, tone or hue I wouldn’t use.

The Trademark Style of the Colour Boss

Jessica Baker sells a lot of paintings, but the strength of her work lies in her being true to her vision for her work.

 “I just paint what I like, and if people like it, great.”

When it comes to inspiration, she cites the vibrant Dale Frank as an artist she admires, as well as her father, Steve Baker.

With her penchant being to work on large canvasses, she is always working on a new abstract series and loves collaborating with other artists. Soon to be released artwork with Geelong street artist Johnny Dee. She is also currently collaborating with Steve Baker on a new series of nude paintings. These paintings combine her flair for bold, contemporary bursts of colour with Steve’s natural ability to paint the human figure.

Jessica’s work is sold all over Australia. See her paintings in person at the Artworx store in Geelong or purchase online through websites and