Australian Artist Nicki Comelli brings Style Queen to the Baker Collection

Nicki Comelli Australian Artist 'Style Queen'


tyle Queen

Australian artist Nicki Comelli “Who doesn’t love style? Right”. Whether you are into the latest designer Gucci handbag, the newest Harajuku dress or a pair of Golden Goose shoes that look worn before you buy them. Everyone has a style. It’s the way you express yourself.

How you dress and how you style a room are all forms of self-expression; It showcases our individuality and becomes a massive part of our identity. There are hints of who you are in the way you style a room.

Stand out from the crowd with your unique taste and make ‘Style Queen’ the hero piece in your room. Be impactful and original with your image.

Nicki Comelli “Own Your Style”

‘Style Queen’ is a sassy layered painting by Australian artist Nicki Comelli. The 1.2×1.5m sized artwork is completed on a stretched cotton canvas. Dense layers of acrylic have been palette knifed onto the surface and washed off multiple times to create intricate layers. Under the predominately green colours of paint, you will find soft lime, peach, pink and Prussian blue. Blocked areas of aqua, fluorescent pink, golden yellow and pale pink are introduced as contrasting colours. Whispers of black Sumi ink sit on top of the vibrant acrylic palette and create fleeting marks.

‘Style Queen’ is a bold painting; The colour palette is vast, but it has a harmony to it. It is not chaotic. With so many colour options styling possibilities are endless. Play on the peach tones in ‘Style Queen’ with soft sheepskin throws or floor mats; Or bring out the hints of violet in the painting with lilac velvet cushions. You even have the option to be more dramatic and pair ‘Style Queen’ with heavy indigo blue throws and black furnishings. A beachy inspired feel will also co-ordinate well with this piece by accentuating the aqua, orange and yellow colours. Think slouchy wicker baskets and distressed timbers. Where ever ‘Style Queen’ hangs it will own the space so indulge, relax with it, play with it and make it into your Zen space.

Positive Associations with the Colour Green

For those of you who are familiar with Australian artist Nicki Comelli’s work; The meaning of colour is something she works with quite often.

‘Style Queen’, empower yourself with the colour green; The colour of life, renewal, nature, energy and growth. With her energetic, expressive marks, Nicki Comelli has a strong sense of movement and energy in this piece. As with all of Nicki’s work, ‘Style Queen’ is created in fleeting moments, her work is not depicting a story as such. As an artist, she has complete control over her mark-making and colour palette, and this is where her originality lies.

“My work is painted and formed over time with intensity. Snip-its; A minute here, an hour there, a day here or even a week. Sometimes a painting isn’t resolved for a year or two. Time continually overlaps as do the mediums I use”. Nicki Comelli

More importantly, Nicki invites the viewer to walk through the journey of her expressive marks and colour use that have been built up over time layer upon layer. She wants the story of the painting to begin with the collector. How would you work this piece to have it evoke your senses? What is your style? How do you speak your visual language and own it?

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