Abstract Florals at the Baker Collection

Abstract Florals Gum Nuts & Sugar Bushes by the Baker Collection

Abstract Florals at the Baker Collection

‘Abstract Florals’ Peace Poppies, Gum Nuts and Sugar Bushes; The Baker Collection is home to Australian artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker

Artist Nicole Baker

 Nicole is renowned for her abstract acrylic, ink and oil pastel mixed media pieces on large scale canvases. Her love of street art is a significant influence on her artwork, and often you will find graffiti-style strokes combined with heavily textured drawn and painterly marks. She also has a love for Sumi painting and the thought processes behind the medium; The idea of painting not so much the subject but the energy the subject inhibits. Nicole is a real mark maker and forms her colour palette and compositions with a well thought out instantaneous style.

Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Artist Jessica Skye Baker has demonstrated through many successful sales both nationally and internationally that her work offers something unique in the art world. Jessica gravitated towards resin abstract as a means of artistic expression. She intuitively creates vivid blasts of colour and composition on large scale panels and canvases.


Ready to make your home stand out from the crowd and mark your territory? Artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker will help you on your journey to create a home that is uniquely yours.

 Together Nicole and Jessica share a love of art and fashion and see the two instinctively going hand in hand.

“Art & fashion instinctively go hand in handBaker COLLECTION


‘Abstract Florals’

‘Abstract Florals’ are a series of Australian natives that are signed ‘BAKER.’ Painted in collaboration; Nicole and Jessica each draw upon their honed artistic signatures. ‘Abstract Florals’ are collaborative pieces; Both artists paint each gum nut, poppy and sugar bush artwork. Each piece is painted on a large scale stretched canvas with fluid and structured acrylics, alcohol inks, spray paint and Sumi ink. All artwork is heavily textured. Paintings can be purchased with a high gloss resin finish or kept matte in finish.

Each piece of artwork represents a bold and striking colour palette that will instantly transform any room it is shown. Nicole and Jessica’s ‘Abstract Florals’ range is modern, stylised and on point giving a high-end interior finish to any room.

How are ‘Abstract Florals’ created?

Canvases are soaked to create a wet on wet effect, and a combination of acrylic and alcohol inks are applied to create a base. Acrylic paints are then heavily brushed, and palette knifed on to create form and shape. Over this layer, spray paint is applied with bold, confident strokes. With the ‘Sugar Bushes’ final layers are achieved with a fine rigger paintbrush and Sumi ink; This technique adds detail and brings the artwork to unison. The final touches of the ‘Poppies’ include pigment powder and relief pen applications. On a selected few pieces, an art resin is applied to create a high gloss finish.

Anyone of the ‘Abstract Florals’ painting purchases are ready to hang in your space. Canvases can be framed upon request in any colour and style of your choosing.

Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker share with us their love of art and life with their ‘Abstract Florals’ series. True to their nature, they are not bound by any particular medium or style, but you can draw connections to their work when you see their bold use of colours, mediums and large-scale artworks.

‘Abstract Florals’ can be commissioned to a specific colour palette and can be painted to size. The artwork is available with and without resin application.