Resin Art Jessica Baker

Resin Art Jessica Baker 'Walk of Fire'

Walk of Fire

Resin Art Jessica Baker – Challenge yourself with the ‘Walk of Fire’

To successfully walk across a bed of hot coals is to prove to yourself, that if you can do this – you can achieve anything you put your mind to. Firewalking is a practice which has existed for thousands of years and across many cultures. It demands the walker directly face their fears. They must psyche themselves up and then move quickly across the coals, with the utmost bravery. It is a symbolic act which demonstrates an individual’s courage, inner strength or faith.

Resin Art Jessica Baker – Inspiration & Skill

Jessica Skye Baker has taken this practice as inspiration for her dramatic resin work, ‘Walk of Fire.’ It is a bold piece which translates passion, bravery and steady confidence into a sweeping display of fiery colour. It is a piece which has been painted with intent – strong, powerful and commanding.

Jessica Skye Baker is a very skilled and accomplished resin artist. She knows exactly how to wield her medium. Her decades of painting experience, confidence and energy shine through in this piece.
It comes as no surprise that her artworks have sold worldwide.

Unlike the brisk pace required to complete an actual walk of fire, Jessica’s creation of ‘Walk of Fire’ was a lengthy process. There is no rushing when working with so many layers of resin. Created with vibrant orange, golds and smashes of red, ‘Walk of Fire’ has taken months for resin artist Jessica Skye Baker to complete.

‘Walk of Fire’ is a large, dramatic and bold piece—an impressive two metre wide by one metre tall stretched canvas. It features the signature high-end gloss finish that Jessica Skye Baker is known for.

The process commenced with a mixture of orange acrylic paints laid onto the canvas. Following this, Jessica added multiple fine pours of resin over time. Between each layer of resin, dyes and pigments have been thrown across the surface. Jessica utilises numerous techniques to create a range of unique colour blends. The colours merge and bind with the resin.

To bring added depth and dimension to the work, a fine metallic gold pigment has been scattered across the wet resin of the final pour. As with all of Jessica Skye Baker’s resin works, ‘Walk of Fire’ is a completely unique piece and can never be repeated. It is a careful process filled with passion and skill which results in such mesmerising artworks.

Resin Art Jessica Baker & her Colour Palette

The selective palette of ‘Walk of Fire’, dominated by rich and warm orange and red, offers a wonderfully focussed and unified vision. Calling it ‘burnt orange’ seems especially appropriate. Enriched with a plume of gold and a hint of black, the work is a clear and dramatic statement.

“Orange is brave & adventurous” Baker COLLECTION


Where to hang ‘Walk of Fire’

‘Walk of Fire’ is the perfect hero piece for a boardroom, or uplifting and inviting work for a grand reception area. Whether in a professional space or a private home, this flamboyant painting is sure to demand attention. It is a confident and triumphant piece which will start conversations. Pair it with a minimal contemporary look, or contrast it with beautifully detailed and restored antique furniture. This painting will hold its own.

Feng Shui It

Orange is a brave, adventurous an optimistic colour. In the art of Feng Shui it signifies the social – perfect for stimulating lively and energetic conversations. Orange is warm and out-going. It is inspirational and promotes strength and enthusiasm. Grab a glass of wine and be set for good times as stories and ideas flow under the radiance of ‘Walk of Fire’.

Interpret it as you please. Jessica’s art asks the viewer to engage with it, allow it to inspire them and feel their own connection with it. Seek a personal meaning and don’t be afraid to express yourself. Orange is especially uninhibited.

Take the plunge, dare yourself and allow your investment to be an adventure. Embrace the ‘Walk of Fire’.

You can find Jessica Skye Baker’s work inspiring people in hundreds of homes, hotels and commercial interiors across the world. Her artwork is available for purchase online on the Australian version of The Block Shop, on the Baker Collection website, and for international sales through Saatchi Art.

Walk of Fire’ – 200 x 100cm – Original – Abstract Acrylic, pigment and resin on stretched cotton canvas by artist Jessica Skye Baker