Large Canvas Art for Living Room

Large canvas art for your living room 'Royal Blue' 200 x 200 cm abstract painting on Belgium linen canvas.

R oyal Blue

Are you looking for contemporary art on a large scale; Large canvas art for living room, entrance, bedroom or conference room? Artist Nicole Baker has you covered with perfect pieces to fill epic wall spaces.

True to her signature style, Nicole Baker brings ‘Royal Blue’ to the Baker Collection. This painting is an impressive 200cm in length and 200cm wide.

‘Royal Blue’ is stunning piece of original art. It demands attention. Hanging in any room, you cannot help but look at it.

The richly detailed and textured surface has been built up from layers of acrylic paint, ink, spray paint and oil stick. Nicole is a master of combining techniques. Colours have been boldly brushed on, knifed on, sprayed on and even washed on.

“There is nothing better than sitting inside in an elegant room with your friends, drinking a champagne or two to all hours of the morning. Conversations are lively, the energetic vibe is fun, and the drinks are refreshing. ‘Royal Blue’ speaks my language,” say artist Nicole Baker.

The ‘Royal Blue’ Colour Palette

This piece is dominated by a wonderful dynamic mix of blues – from soft pastel hints of Australian sky blue to cobalt turquoise, to Prussian blue. Setting this off are smashes of fluorescent orange, pastel pink, peach and rich burgundy.

Rich white ink has been brushed, splashed and poured onto the work. Fine paintbrushes have then been used to create further details. You can find soft fleeting marks and patches of line work delicately dancing on top of the vibrant splashes of colour pulsing beneath.

‘Royal Blue’ is a strong and exceptional artwork for sale. Its rich colours and textures intrigue the eye.

Contemporary Australian artist Nicole Baker is a true mark maker

Nicole’s artwork is always dynamic and feels like a moment captured in time. It is as if all the flurry of the painting process remains visible to the eye. In motion. Her paints, which she has instinctively and intuitively applied, often seem to remain suspended and just about to hit the surface.

A painting is never finished until Nicole finds the perfect balance. This is not always a quick process. Some paintings can take months or even years to fully emerge and be considered complete.

Nicole says that ‘Royal Blue’ was in progress in her studio for over two years. She explains that it has “had many chameleon lives, as do most of my paintings. The way I paint builds character in each piece. I am sure somewhere in this painting you would be able to see some of the very original marks I made.”

Nicole is undoubtedly a competent and confident mark maker. “The spontaneous marks I make are in tentful, just as much as they are spontaneous. My paintings have a natural Chi energy to them. This is why I am drawn to the mediums I use.”

Large Canvas Art for your Living Room, entrance, bedroom or conference space – Fitting this artwork in to your environment

Colours have been boldly brushed on, knifed on, sprayed on and even washed on.baker collection



Large canvas art for living room, entrance, bedroom or conference room. ‘Royal Blue’ will fit right in with a minimal interior, or equally in a home brimming with unique collectables. Warehouse conversions call out for this kind of magnetic and vibrant piece. Polished concrete is a perfect complement. You will also find it can sit well in a timber panelled Victorian home. Pick up the texture and details with a lush sheepskin throw, or some velvet cushions.

In a corporate environment it will instantly add some oomph and power to a boardroom or conference space. Pair it with leather seating and a polished reclaimed timber table for a stunning combination.

If you wish to frame this artwork, you can opt for a light oak for a Scandinavian feel. Or, be bold with black for a strong modern presence.

Nicole Baker’s work is popular with collectors from all over Australia. She continually updates her collections with new pieces and welcomes commissions.

Royal Blue’ (200 x 200cm). Original large canvas art for living room, entrance, bedroom or conference room by Nicole Baker. Abstract acrylic, ink, spray paint and oil stick on a braced stretched Belgium linen canvas.