Midnight Mojito

Big Paintings for Sale 'Midnight Mojito' by Australian artist Nicole Baker

B ig paintings for sale. Have you been on the hunt for a piece of contemporary Australian artwork for sale, on a large scale to fill a feature wall?

True to her signature style artist Nicole Baker brings ‘Midnight Mojito’ to the Baker Collection. A painting that is over two meters in length, 242cm to be precise and one meter and a half in height, 150cm. Big paintings for sale, artist Nicole Baker has you covered.

‘Midnight Mojito’ is a piece of original artwork for sale that demands attention in any room it hangs. You can’t help yourself from looking at it. Its textural surface has been built up with layers of acrylic paint, gold leaf and ink. Colour has been boldly brushed on, knifed on, sprayed on and even washed onto this piece. The paints have been applied to a braced timber panel to prevent warping of this piece.

‘Midnight Mojito’ Colour Palette

With a dominant green palette in varying tints and tones, you will find smashes of fluorescent orange, pastel pink, peach, Prussian and turquoise blue and yellow ochre. The use of a rich matte black Sumi ink is what brings detail into this piece; it has been both brushed and poured on. Detail paintbrushes have also been used with the Sumi ink to bring detail into the artwork, fleeting marks and subtle pinstriping can be seen as delicate, painterly lines over the top of the vibrant splashes of colour. ‘Midnight Mojito’ is an exceptional piece of artwork for sale that intrigues the eye with colour and textures wherever it wanders.

Contemporary Australian artist Nicole Baker is a real Mark Maker with her big paintings for sale

Nicole’s artwork is about capturing a moment in time. One where her paint mediums instinctively and intuitively meet her working surface. Her paintings are not complete until she finds balance in the final piece. Some paintings takings months up to years to complete. “’Midnight Mojito’ has been in progress in my studio for over two years and has had many chameleon lives, as do most of my paintings. The way I paint builds character in each piece. I am sure somewhere in this painting. You would be able to see some of the very original marks I made.” Nicole Baker

Australian artist Nicole Baker is a competent mark maker. “The spontaneous marks I make are intent-full just as much as they are spontaneous. My paintings have a natural Chi energy to them; this is why I am drawn to the medium of Sumi ink.

Conversations are lively, the energetic vibe is fun, and the drinks are refreshing. ‘Midnight Mojito’ speaks my language.” artist nicole baker

Sumi Ink

With traditional Sumi ink painting, the artist must master the use of using liquid ink freely but with very controlled and precise brush strokes. The goal of Sumi painting is to portray the spirit of the object the artist is painting. Not so much as to paint the subject itself in a visual sense. It is about depicting emotion and feeling.

Big paintings for sale are rare to come by. ‘Midnight Mojito’ is a very modern artwork for sale that can lend itself to a sparse interior or one filled with unique collectables. An old warehouse with polished concrete floors, a Victorian home with timber panelling or it could even spark some life into a board or conference space. It can fit into the interior of a home or corporate building. Enhance it with lush sheepskin throws or velvet cushions or a large leather conference desk. It can be framed in a light timber oak for a Scandinavian feel or in black for a more modern stronger presence in a room.

Art collectors from all over Australia have invested in Nicole’s artwork. She is continually updating her collections with new pieces and welcomes commissions.

“There is nothing better than sitting outside on a balmy night in Australia with your friends, drinking a classic Mojito to all hours of the morning. Conversations are lively, the energetic vibe is fun, and the drinks are refreshing. ‘Midnight Mojito’ speaks my language.” Artist Nicole Baker

Midnight Mojito ‘ original artwork for sale 242 x 150cm, artist Nicole Baker. Original abstract acrylic, gold leaf and Sumi ink on a timber panel.