Stride of Pride

Large Modern Art Paintings for Sale 'Stride of Pride'


tride of Pride is a gorgeous 2×2 meter stretched Belgium linen canvas that is not to be reckoned with. Painted by Australian artist Nicole Baker this large acrylic and ink painting is simply a show stopper.

The playful combination of bright pink tones and pastel that cover the majority of this painting are harmonised with hints of peach, gold, red and black. On closer examination of the painting cracks have formed on the outer layer of colours that reveal underpainting of blue tones. Stride of Pride is heavily textured, thick build up of mediums and paints have created depth and texture in this piece which gives the painting added dimension and complexity. There are many areas of interest. If you have been on the hunt for large modern art paintings for sale then you can’t pass ‘Stride of Pride’.

Detail has been added on top of the acrylic paint with Sumi ink. Brushed on Sumi ink form fleeting lines, detailed pin striping and smashes of bold and washed out black areas. Each style of line be it thin or thick contrasts with the other but aesthetically ties the whole painting together. This is a true mark making masterpiece by artist Nicole Baker, her signature style and artistic license is definitely portrayed seamlessly throughout Stride of Pride.

“This painting took six months to complete and had many different lives. It was once shades of blue, then purple, a white wash was added to tone down all the colours and then a mixture of both spectrums were blended together; This is what can be seen in the underpainting of the finished artwork. To complete this painting spray acrylics were worked over the painterly layers that were both brushed and palette knifed on. The finale was the black Sumi ink that was both poured and brushed on. I love this piece, it is both complex yet simple,” artist Nicole Baker.

Stride of Pride is both a demanding and soulful piece. It would be the hero artwork of any room it is hung in. It is powerful yet soft. Stride of Pride is balanced in its colour palette choices and the composition has a real harmony to it.

This large scale 3x3m piece could easily inhabit an entrance in a home or be the feature in a dining room or family room. Compliment this painting with soft furnishings such as single colour cushions, velvets, heavy linens and wool. Work this painting into a space with the natural formations of timber; benches or tables. The large scale of this painting is striking and can be featured in a room that is carpeted, has polished floor boards or polished concrete.

In a commercial environment Stride of Pride is fitting for a conference or office space. It will bring a natural flowing energy to the room. Work it in with a seating area in a clinic or waiting area. Or hang it in a boardroom, it is sure to ignite the space. Stride of Painting is guaranteed to spark the energy in any space it is hung.

This large abstract painting is simply a show stopper.

baker Collection

About the artist: Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker is an Australian artist that is well recognised for her abstract mark making. In her studio you will find her working in acrylic, oil and watercolour mediums. All of her work is large scale; Stretched cotton duck canvas, Belgium linen and heavy weight large Italian cotton pressed papers are her favoured surfaces.

With her spontaneous mark making techniques she brings an air of eloquence and style to each of her pieces. Many of her large modern art paintings for sale take months to complete as she layers each surface over time to create true depth with colour and texture. She is truly passionate about her artwork and this is evident as she re-works each painting with confident placement of colour palette, composition and medium.

Large modern art paintings for sale. ‘Stride of Pride‘, 2x2m acrylic and ink on Belgium linen canvas by artist Nicole Baker