Life is My Carousel

Abstract Art for Sale 'Life is My Carousel'

On the Hunt for Original Abstract Art for Sale? Spontaneous Mark Making in ‘Life is My Carousel,’ by Australian artist Nicole Baker

Abstract art for sale, ‘Life is My Carousel’ – are you ready to canter, gallop, trot or race? Riding a carousel is often recalled as a fleeting time of giddy exhilaration. It brings you fully in the moment, as the world outside passes by while you spin in the middle. Even after you alight, you are buoyed by the experience and find a new delight in the everyday.

It is a similar pure joy that viewing an artwork can bring. Investing in and owning an artwork gives you the pleasure of this giddy enjoyment over and over again. When an original artwork you have carefully selected takes pride of place in a room you enter every day, you are treated to a daily infusion of happiness. You have a talking point at dinner parties if it hangs in your living or dining room.

Great artwork in your home should be timeless, and importantly make your room shine. ‘Life is my Carousel’ is an artwork which will certainly make your room dance, sing and pop.

This intricate and dynamic abstract painting doesn’t capture a depiction of a carousel ride, but maybe something of the experience. Perhaps it is possible to imagine the artist, Nicole Baker adding successive marks as she works her hand movements round and round before the canvas. Landing her brush on the working surface after each turn. Allowing the artwork to naturally form and be filled with loose brush strokes, stripes and short lines.

Of course, the composition is anything but random. Each stroke and cluster of marks has been precisely controlled. Nicole builds up the piece with a careful application of layers using brushes, colour shapers or palette knife. Marks are scraped back, removed, wiped out, then redrawn. Traces of the process always remain.

Nicole revels in an abstract composition, and in ‘Life is my Carousel’ she is playful and expressive. Staying in the moment, brush strokes feather and dance across her working surface. A lightness is maintained through loose gestural work, with strokes changing direction and weaving in and out of each other. Her complex network of colours and shapes draw the viewer into the artwork with intrigue.

The Colour Palette

‘Life is My Carousel’ is refined in the colour palette. It is a complex mix of peaches, pinks, mauves and neutral tones. It is a textured layering of acrylic, gold leaf and Sumi ink. Pastel orange, fluorescents and umbers shift from foreground to background and are punctuated by intense bursts of black. Soft greys and yellow ochres weave across the canvas and tie the composition together. Carefully placed gold leaf patches break the painted texture, catch the light and add further dimension.

The loose abstract style is Nicole’s signature look. She is a happy and positive academic who paints for the love of expression. She believes in creating work which speaks to everyone who enters a room, and each of her pieces is a unique vision. It is work which can be appreciated again and again as new and different aspects emerge.

On first viewing, this abstract art for sale has a strong dynamic composition. Closer inspection reveals layers, upon layers of delicate and intricate marks. Bold shapes dissolve into masses of crisscrossing lines and faint feathered strokes.

Nicole revels in an abstract composition, and in ‘Life is my Carousel’ she is playful and expressive. baker Collection

Master of her Mediums

‘Life is My Carousel’ is a mature work by a confident artist. She is a master of her chosen medium, and her artwork fits well into a variety of settings. Collecting a piece by Nicole Baker and placing it into your home allows you to add a personal flair to your space.

This work will make an impressive greeting in an entrance hallway. Select complementary furnishings – a painted chair, cushion and throw to suit your style. ‘Life is My Carouselwill dress up a contemporary home or offset a more traditional space. It can add elegance or drama. Bring some of that giddy excitement home and hang it in your bedroom, lounge room or casual family room. This chameleon piece is a worthy investment which can be worked into many interiors.

Life is My Carousel‘, Abstract Art for Sale 120 x 150cm, artist Nicole Baker. Original abstract acrylic and Sumi ink on stretched cotton canvas.