Abstract Poppy Paintings by Artists Nicole & Jessica Baker

Abstract Poppy Paintings


nvite peace and hope into your home with abstract poppy paintings – Peace Poppies

Artists Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker have taken the magnificent and beautiful red poppy as inspiration for their series of Peace Poppies. They have combined their skills and love of painting to depict these flowers in a fresh, colourful and radiant style. These abstract Poppy paintings are delightful artworks which sit well in a variety of commercial or domestic spaces.

Red poppies have come to be recognised across the world as a powerful symbol of peace and regeneration. The image of the red poppy brings people together as they remember the struggles and losses of past generations, and reaffirm their commitment to peace in the future. Following the First World War, red poppies were one of the first flowers to bloom across the devastated battle fields.

The abstract Poppy paintings are a series of original collaborations by the Baker sisters. Nicole Baker and Jessica Skye Baker have certainly scored artistic genes – their father is an artist and their mother a business woman. Since childhood they were both encouraged to follow their dreams. Each Peace Poppies artwork is made in this spirit – a one of a kind painting on a stretched canvas, available through the family’s Baker Collection.

How the abstract Poppy Paintings are created?

This series of paintings combines the talents and styles of the two sisters in a unique way. Each painting is created utilising a wet-on-wet technique; A mixture of fluid inks, watercolours and bold, rich applications of acrylics offset the glassiness of the resin that is the final pour over the stretched canvas surface.

Initially, the canvas is soaked with water and acrylic inks and paints are applied across the surface. These colours are allowed to organically float and bleed into the canvas to form the leaves, stems and buds of the flowers. This creates a vibrant and textured abstract base of blues and greens. When this layer is dry, a palette knife is used to add thick red and magenta acrylics to form the flower petals.

Depth and definition is added to the composition with the introduction of further intricate layers and an application of glass resin. Over the dried resin, a further layering of abstracted and fluid stems, buds and flowers are added in the same manner as the initial stages.

Smaller details are worked in and darker paint punctuates the centre of the flowers. As a final touch, a dusting of gold pigment is added to the stamens. Lastly, the Baker signature is added.

There is a wonderful contrast between the lightness, looseness and translucence of the background and the stems, against the bold solidity of the poppies. The individual styles and techniques of the two painters shine through in the final compositions. Nicole Baker has stayed true to her abstract mark making style. Jessica Skye Baker utilises her fluid painterly techniques.

Where can I hang the Peace Poppies?

Every single artwork from this series is unique, and every collector is treated to a completely original composition.’




The abstract Poppy paintings are elegant and timeless pieces. Finished in a wonderfully loose and vibrant contemporary style, these paintings bring a modern feel to any space. There is enough richness in the paintings that they can comfortably take centre stage in a clean minimalistic room.

Alternatively, pick up some of that rich colour and detail. Place one of the Peace Poppies in a room with other floral accents, or some selected soft furnishings which complement the bold reds and magentas, pick up on the green stems. Velvets, linens and shot satins would work well.

Flowers as the subject make these beautiful, uplifting and welcoming artworks. Peace Poppies will add a luscious and textured splash of colour to a professional setting – a clinic, waiting area or studio space can instantly be brightened and transformed. In a home these originals will add a wonderful richness to a bedroom, lounge area or reading area.

The pieces can be hung unframed or a simple floating frame added to suit the room.

Own one of the unique Peace Poppies

Every single artwork from this series is unique, and every collector is treated to a completely original composition. No reproductions will ever be produced. Peace Poppies can also be commissioned to suit your space. Discuss directly with the artists your specific requirements for size and colour palette.

The Baker sisters live by the mantra that if you are happy, then the world which you are a part of is happy. Spreading the happiness is also important, and each one of the Baker Collections’ Peace Poppies is a beacon of hope and signifies bringing eternal peace to the world.

Peace Poppies, 91 x 184cm, acrylic, ink, watercolour and resin on stretched canvas by Australian artists Nicole and Jessica Skye Baker