Stride of Pride 2x2m Large Abstract

Large abstract 3x3m 'Stride of Pride' by Australian Artist Nicole Baker


rtist Nicole Baker brings large abstract Stride of Pride to the Room

Stride of Pride is a wild and charismatic large abstract painting. It seems to jump off the canvas and refuses to sit politely within its allotted dimensions. It reaches out into the room. It fills the air in front of it with energy. Do you want to dance? Yes. Smashing! Let’s go…

This is a large abstract bold piece which sets its own rules. The colour palette is anything but sedate and typical. Quite frankly, it rocks! Blocks of vibrant cheerful orange sit atop textured white. Lines of Prussian blue, black and pink reach out to each other across the canvas. Ochre and olive greens march in and meander about here and there. I think I even spy a patch of stylish pinstripe.

You will find that Stride of Pride suits a room which already has a good movement of energy flowing through it. It will further enliven, add lightness and a sense of spontaneity.

Stride of Pride will easily command a lounge room, an office, reception or casual living area. A room with neutral tones will allow the painting to really pop and be the life of the space. Think taupes and creams, or dusty blues and grey. A concrete wall, or clean white. Less is more, so the painting can stand out as the clear focus and centre point.

This large abstract can be hung unframed – the canvas has been stretched over a 38mm deep pine stretcher frame. It will also look amazing framed with an elegant oak, black or white floating frame.

Stride of Pride has been created by laying down a base of acrylics in the background and the foreground. This is then overlapped with oil marks. Individual brush strokes and drawn marks remain clearly visible on the canvas. They pull the viewer in – but the gestural style which artist Nicole Baker uses is not designed to out rightly depict anything specific. Two people will rarely observe the same things in the painting. Though some consensus or shared understanding may be arrived at when conversation turns to detailed discussion on the matter.

Nicole recalls: “I have met with collectors that have purchased or commissioned my artwork – who love their pieces just as much now as the day they purchased them. One particular person that comes to mind hung one of my original paintings in a living room/bar area. Her and her partner told me they have had countless nights with guests over for dinner and drinks – she is a real social butterfly – and the painting always becomes the central talking point. The discussions are who can see what in the painting. She says it gets very interesting once they have had a cocktail or two.”

The Power and Presence of Abstract Art

Enjoy some Stride of Pride energy in your home.


Abstract art commands attention. When you enter a room with a large scale abstract, it exudes style and sophistication. As Nicole says: “it is not like a landscape, seascape or still life that presents itself to you straight away.” Nicole’s abstracts effortlessly become the focal point of any space they occupy.

A good abstract holds its own – can truly speak a thousand words. It has a timeless quality and can be situated against a variety of décor. Stride of Pride would work as easily in a room filled with ornate antique furniture, as it would with a Jeff Koons’ sculpture set alongside. For Nicole, Stride of Pride is definitely a work which “has a strong presence.”

Turning to the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, abstract art can be selected to enhance a specific element lacking within a room, or within a dwelling as a whole. The bold orange of Stride of Pride invites a social energy. Its oranges, purples, ochres, and pinks all evoke the element of fire. The greens and browns are colours of the element wood. This work is both earthy and radiant.

Enjoy some Stride of Pride energy in your home.

Stride of Pride, (200 x 200cm), Artist Nicole Baker. Original acrylics, inks and oil on stretched canvas.