Gucci Garden by Nicole Baker Artist

Gucci Garden by Nicole Baker Artist


icole Baker Artist – Invest in Art that Captivates and Speaks to You

Nicole Baker advises that, collectors should ‘invest with their eyes’ and collect art that visually appeals to them. Art collecting does not have to be a pursuit separate from interior design. It makes sense to invest in artworks which bring immediate joy.

Much of the value of art and pleasure of collecting can be found in the way it transforms a room and engages all those who enter. Artwork can add a unique touch—an expression of your taste and personality. A prominently hung original artwork can lift a room to a new level. ‘Gucci Garden’ by Nicole Baker artist is one such a bold and versatile piece, which will make a striking addition to any space.

Nicole Baker Artist Style

Gucci Garden’is painted in Nicole Baker’s signature stye of confident and textured brush strokes. It is at once simple and complex. The piece has been finished in a mix of acrylics and oils on stretched cotton canvas, which can be hung with or without a frame.

The colour palette of ‘Gucci Garden’ has an air of influential international style. Pale mauves contrast with olive green, punctuated by navy and black. A rich interplay of negative and positive space is created through blocks of dark, bright and pastel colour. Flat areas of colour are broken up with wide staccato lines, which create a feeling of spontaneity and energy.

There is a dynamism to the piece as finer lines zig zag and traverse the canvas.  Whilst peach and pink moments scattered over the surface bring unity and rhythm. The unconventional palette and variety of marks create a visually engaging canvas which the eye darts back and forth over. This combination of colour and rhythm lends itself to being placed in a variety interiors, and it offers the opportunity for a playful or sophisticated design response.

Gucci Garden and Interior Design Possibilities

The colour palette of ‘Gucci Garden’ has an air of influential international style.


You will find that ‘Gucci Garden’ can accentuate a strong contemporary interior, or equally be at home in contrast to a more traditional setting. Consider it placed in an understated minimal bedroom where changes of linen can pick up different colours from the painting – from bold to subtle. In a living room, you could pair it with peach, pink and navy soft furnishings to create a vibrant casual ambience of relaxation, where conversation flows.

Don’t be afraid of placing ‘Gucci Garden’ on a dark feature wall. The colours will pop and create drama. Try to imagine a daring choice of heavy ornate gold leaf frame, strong black timber furniture, and bold solid colour vases.

Nicole Baker’s original works are sought after and hang in homes across Australia. Her work is collected by those who resonate with her distinctive style and fresh graphic approach. You can see her work given pride of position on a clean white wall, as well as positioned in eclectic homes nestled amongst a variety of textures and colours.

Art Collecting is not just about Accruing Assets

Nicole paints for the pure love of painting and creation. She strongly believes that collectors should select pieces which speak to them personally. The artwork in situ should transform a house into a home. It should be work which shows off their personality and communicates to all who enter their space. Artwork can express the elegance, vision or bravery of a collector.

Buying art is not simply about accruing assets which appreciate in value over time. As Nicole explains; “yes, art is an investment and in my opinion one piece of good art is worth every cent you spend on it. But, more importantly it is also a part of your journey in life. When you choose a piece of artwork it should speak to the very core of your soul and soak up all of the creative energy you have going on that makes you who you are. It should resonate with you and visually share part of your personality to others who walk into the room it is hung”. ­

Gucci Garden, 198 x 122cm, Nicole Baker artist original abstract acrylic and oil painting on stretched cotton canvas.

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