Australian Art – Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile

Australian Art by Artist Nicole Baker


Artist Nicole Baker is a firm believer that purchasing an original piece of Australian art should give you the same feeling as putting on a brand new pair of Chanel pumps. It brings excitement. The act is a luxurious indulgence, and very often feels like a well deserved treat.

We clearly understand the power of perception. You know that what you wear and how you present to the world showcases who you are. It is a declaration of you! The same can be said for your personal collection of Australian art. Hanging on your walls, it makes a statement about you to anyone who enters your domain.

Are you bold, outgoing, fun? Do you see yourself in soft pastel tones? Or, perhaps you are a fashionista—someone who strives for individuality, and sets the tone of their own swagger? If you paused and smiled at that last phrase, then Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile is surely speaking your language.

This gorgeous original square canvas features a dynamic mix of strong and sketched acrylic and oil abstract marks. It is definitely a Nicole Baker piece – with her playful and rhythmic style clearly on display here. Pinks, purples, pale blues, greens and aquas are set against hints of yellow ochre and Prussian blue.

“To me this painting is the supermodel of the catwalk. It confidently demands to be looked at when you enter the room,” Nicole Baker declares.

It has a wonderful energy to it—the frenzy of the busy fashionista lifestyle. Though its creation starts in a little more peaceful manner. Nicole says; “when I start a fresh painting, I have my own Zen zone going on. I start out with a vague colour palette and canvas size and work from there. I am always in a positive mindset and when I put brush to canvas it is very freeing”.

As Nicole works in the zone with her free style, the various colours and overlapping marks simply flow onto the canvas. Fine drawn lines and bold textured strokes interweave each other.

She reflects that even when looking at her work months later the same vibe as when they were painted continues to emanate from the canvas. “I love what I do. I love unique fashion and art, and for me the two coincide naturally in my life. Nicole says that, “creating a show stopping painting is just as important as the latest season of fashion accessories”.

Time for a change? A well loved dress or top can find new life when it is mixed and matched in a new way. Nicole extends this ethos into her painting life, explaining: “I often revisit the artworks that I create weeks, months and sometimes years later and re-work them”.

Where to hang Australian Art – Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile

It has a wonderful energy to it – the frenzy of the busy fashionista lifestyle


Consider hanging this unique piece of Australian art to add some soft, but lively colour to a bedroom with crisp white linen, or to brighten up a reading corner. The pastels and greens make it a calming work, even though it is also layered with pops of bolder colours.

Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile will work with a variety of room moods and palettes. It will stand out against blues, greys and white, or be grounded in a room filled with navy or forest greens. Pick up the corals, aquas or olives in throws or cushions. This is a timeless and versatile abstract completed in elegant colours. “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” – Coco Chanel.

With its fun palette and playful abstract style it will also not be out of place in a child’s or teenager’s room. What fourteen-going-on-twenty year old aspiring fashion diva wouldn’t love this in their room? There is a light-heartedness and joy in this painting that delights young or old.

Let’s take another inspiring thought from the iconic Coco Chanel: “the most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” Select art with this in mind.

If you are going to invite an artwork into your home, then it should be one that speaks to you, is an extension of you. You must love it. This will ensure it is a piece you can enjoy for many years, and a worthwhile investment.

Fashion Did Not Steal My Smile‘, (120x120cm), Australian art piece by artist Nicole Baker. Original acrylic and oil abstract on cotton canvas.