Elements by Artist Nicole Baker

Australian artist Nicole Baker explores creativity and imagination in her abstract painting, Elements

Across the canvas are spread a variety of marks—some jagged lines, bold broad strokes, a block of textured colour, a group of roughly formed spots. Where does your eye rest today? Is it drawn to the soft arcs in bold green, the warm pinks which define the larger arc of the composition, or the black wisps?

Like clouds hanging in the sky, Elements invites the viewer to bring their imagination to the fore—to consider what possibilities could be playing out on the stage of the canvas. Children and adults equally adore artist Nicole Baker’s abstract paintings.

The playful and strong composition of Elements is an excellent example of Nicole’s style. The loose abstract marks leave ample space for the viewer to bring their own experience, mood and creativity to the painting. Nicole aims to draw people in and allow each viewer to find their own interpretations of the marks they see on the canvas. In Elements, the lines and spacing of the marks are especially conducive to story-making.

“Abstract art is very much the art of storytelling”—Artist Nicole Baker

Elements is created with layers of dusty and warm pinks, balanced with earthy greens and touches of black. It is a grand and engaging work. Placed in a boardroom it will add drama, style and sophistication. It conjures images of grandeur or ‘The Devil Wears Prada’.

Proudly hang it in the entrance way to your home—imagine it above an elegant sideboard or console upon which a stunning Gucci vase sits. Or add some colour to your dining or living room walls. In a bedroom, the soft colours in Elements can easily be picked up in bedding, cushions and throws.

Children and adults equally adore Nicole Baker’s abstract paintings.

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Wherever it is placed, there will be a chance for stories to unfold. Abstract art has a way of igniting the imagination and stirring creativity. This stands true whatever your age.

Although we may not immediately think of it, hanging original art in a child’s room is just as enriching and important as anywhere else. Perhaps it has even more chance to make a deep and lasting impact. Let your child take ownership and develop an emotional connection to the piece. Let them tell you their visions—maybe it is Gruffalo’s forest, green sheep lazing around in their paddock or Cinderella’s fairy godmother they see.

A regular ritual of ‘what do you see today?’ could easily form. The stories they imagine seeing played out in the marks and colours, are ones that could be remembered for a lifetime. The artwork itself can also become a treasured possession, and one the child can take with them as they grow and have their own families. It could develop in to a wonderful tradition that lasts into future generations. It is something truly special, when it is a painting which forms such a strong link through shared experiences.

Artist Nicole Baker is very enthusiastic about her painting process and how it affects the viewer. “When I paint I am completely in my own zen zone. It makes me happy to create loose and gestural artwork that is also very controlled and has a thought process behind it.”

Her painting is very her: “I am a thinker and an art lover,” she says. “I put colours together and stand back from my artwork and decide where to block my next colour or place my next strokes. It makes me happy to paint and I love seeing collectors’ faces when my artwork also makes them happy. It is like a big karma circle.”

Owning a piece of art is not simply a financial investment, it is an investment in yourself. It is self-expression and tells a part of your story. It should be art you love and pieces which make your heart flutter, and fill you with pride every time you cast your eyes upon them.

Elements, (198cmx122cm), Artist Nicole Baker. Original acrylic and oil painting on stretched cotton canvas.


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