Walk of Fire by Melbourne Resin Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Melbourne Resin Artist 'Walk of Fire'


dramatic, bold statement piece

‘Walk of Fire’ is a work by Melbourne resin artist, Jessica Skye Baker. It features an art style for which she is renowned: high-end gloss finish resin art.

This particular piece is an excellent example of an artist using their mastery of the medium to express colour and movement.

‘Walk of Fire’ is a resin-medium piece painted with intent: strong and powerful. It is an outstanding work of art.

The Creative Process for this Work by Melbourne Resin Artist Jessica Skye Baker

Created with vibrant orange, golds, and smashes of red, ‘Walk of Fire’ took months for Melbourne resin artist Jessica Skye Baker to complete, using her signature mediums.

The foundation of the piece is a mixture of orange acrylic paints that have been layered lavishly on a large scale (1 metre x 2 metres stretched canvas). The artist then applied multiple pours of resin to the piece over time.

In between the layers of resin, dyes and pigments have been strategically placed onto the entire surface with extreme finesse, yet confident, execution. In a grand final gesture, a delicate metallic gold pigment has been thrown into the wet resin.

Artist Jessica Skye Baker is best known for her confident use of multiple techniques to create unique colour blends. Her mixed medium paintings are one-of-a-kind, utterly exclusive, and impossible to duplicate. She paints with passion and flair: a fact very much in evidence from viewing her body of work.

‘Walk of Fire’ has been painted with as much triumph as its name indicates. It is a painting that will dominate a room and control its space. baker Collection

Walk of Fire

‘Walk of Fire’ has been painted with as much triumph as its name indicates. It is a painting that will dominate a room and control its space. This confident painting can hang in a professional environment, boardroom, or reception area. It would be equally impressive hanging in a contemporary, modern or newly furnished home. It integrates perfectly with refurbished antique dining room pieces or softer surroundings, such as a strong-lined linen couch.


Firewalking has been practiced throughout the world for many years. It is globally known as a symbolic act that portrays an individual’s courage, strength, or faith. ‘Walk of Fire’ as an artwork, conveys firewalking in a visual sense.

It is a courageous, bold piece that has been created with true passion. Resin artist Jessica Skye Baker knows her mediums. She has been painting for decades, finding success gradually over the years as she honed her craft. This mastery has resulted in her selling work internationally, and all over Australia. Her confidence and energy are emanating from this piece.

 The Colour Orange

The colour orange is often associated with the skill of being sociable according to the art of Feng Shui. Orange is a great colour to promote energy, lively conversations, and good times. Have a glass of wine in hand, and some great food, and then contemplate what ‘Walk of Fire’ inspires in you?

‘Walk of Fire’ is not just the hero painting in the room: it is also a great conversation starter. Visually, it signifies the colour of orange in all of its splendour, but its impact is guaranteed to bring many a story to life. When viewing any of Jessica’s paintings, she asks the observer to interpret her artwork in an individual way; to have their own connection to it.

She invites you not to be afraid to express what you see or how it makes you feel.


Melbourne resin artist Jessica Skye Baker perfected her mediums at an early age. Many of her works hang in homes, hotels, executive boardrooms, and interior stores. Her work is available online at The Block Shop, the Baker Collection website, and internationally via sales through Saatchi Art online.

‘Walk of Fire’ invites you to be brave and have fun with your art investment. Love it.