Resin artist Jessica Skye Baker – If you’ve Got it – Flaunt It

Flaunt It by Resin Artist Jessica Skye Baker


hen meeting resin artist Jessica Skye Baker you are instantly drawn into her energetic, bold and passionate nature.

This young Australian artist has been painting for decades and has very much perfected her style. She was one of the very first resin artists in Australia and has sold hundreds of artworks both internationally and nationally.

Jessica’s artwork is always large scale. If you want to add a big painting to your collection for your entrance, boardroom, hotel, loungeroom or bedroom then Jessica Baker is your artist.

The confidence that resin artist Jessica Skye Baker has with the mediums as she creates are second to none. Years of built up knowledge and refining her skill, Jessica instinctively knows where the paints, inks, pigments and resin will flow on her painting surface. Resin art is such a fine technique, when painting it requires precision and from the artist an element of confidence. Each resin painting created by Jessica Skye Baker has a strong sense of intent.

She paints with energy. Confidently knowing where each medium will move. The vitality that resin artist Jessica Skye Baker paints with remains visually in her paintings. When you walk into a room and a piece of her artwork is hanging in it the vibe is energetic and fresh. Her paintings demand attention and naturally become the focal point of the room.

Her work is sassy.

‘Flaunt It’ is a signature piece of the Baker Collection, this large scale 200x300cm resin painting is dramatic. With a base colour of turquoise and layers of transparent and solid blues this painting is very much “if you’ve got it, flaunt it.” While she works with the high gloss fluidness that resin naturally has and true to her nature Jessica hasn’t been afraid to show off her talents with hints of green, silver and some phosphorescent white.

‘Flaunt It’ is a signature piece, this large scale 200x300cm resin painting is dramatic.baker Collection


Styling ‘Flaunt It’ couldn’t be easier. Blues are a timeless, easy to have colour in a room and are known to have a calming effect on the psyche. Compliment this painting with modern furnishings, a linen couch, timber dining chairs, marble side tables or a leather bed head. Choose between sleek lines or more organic shapes as both will work. Softening your space is easy, neutral white cushions and throws will work just as well as dramatic blacks.

When investing in a resin piece of original artwork by artist Jessica Skye Baker be assured that your chosen work will forever be invaluable to you as a collector and a viewer. She is one of Australia’s most sought-after original resin artists and her work has a timeless feel to it that isn’t affected by changes in interior design style.

As an artist Jessica has found her mediums and will continue to work with them for the rest of her life. She has a natural flair for bold compositions, great colour combinations and the need to work large scale in her hi-end gloss finish.

If you need a painting done in a specific size or colour combination she is frequently commissioned to do one off customised pieces.



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