Top Tips for Choosing a piece of Artwork for your Home

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The time has come to choose and purchase a piece of artwork for your home.  Firstly, you have to love the piece – it needs to resonate with you; it needs to speak to you.   Displaying a piece of art is akin to displaying part of yourself –  you are putting your own personal stamp on your space.  It should be reflective of your own uniqueness.  It may invoke curiosity in people to want more information about the owner.   Carefully choosing your art can result in a valuable investment and ownership of a treasure.  It will be something that will continue to attract you and draw you close.

Art creates ambience and mood – transforming a space with an injection of feeling and life.  It adds colour, warmth and personality.  You will need to determine what you want your art to achieve – whether you want it to create ambience, make a statement or provoke a response.  It may be stimulating, acting as a point of interest or conversation starter.  It may affect the energy of the space it inhabits.  Displayed alone it may create its own mood – totally recreating or rejuvenating a space and its purpose.  Alternatively, it can be the starting point that inspires you to build on a  theme and ties decorative elements of a space together.

Artwork can be bold – making a statement and owning its space, or it can be subtle – enhancing and balancing its environment!  You will need to determine what you want your art to say – after all it is reflective of you.  The art you choose to display may dictate the theme of that space and the message that it sends whether that message is ‘Look at me – I am amazing and cannot be ignored!’ or ‘I am that finishing touch that you didn’t know you needed.’  It can be the subtle anchor that pulls a theme and design elements together.

after all it is reflective of you.


You will know when you have chosen the right piece of artwork when you are continually drawn to it and it adds to the aesthetic of its chosen place.

The Baker Collection is a unique range of artwork covering various styles and media.  There are numerous pieces available in a range of sizes and prices.  Some abstract pieces were used on the 2016 series of The Block bringing some wonderful and valuable exposure to Jessica Skye Baker’s unique work.  The Baker Collection is a collection of works by a family of artists.  You may even be lucky enough to have a personal conversation with the artist of your chosen piece – gaining insight into the inspiration and influences behind the piece.